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I am a 28 year-old girl who was recently encouraged by one of her closest friends, to put her little mark in cyberspace. She recommended I explore WordPress. So here I am.


Something has been breaking my heart for months now. I knew that whatever was grieving me stemmed from the unnerving political climate of today, but I kept grasping to discover the root of my broken heartedness.

Not surprisingly, delving into scripture and asking for clarity made the answer to my question come off the page like those 3D images that were huge in the 90’s.
I first identified who I was hurting for. I hurt for those who feel afraid to express their opinions. Those who are afraid of being looked down on as insensitive, ignorant, or much worse. I hurt for everyone who was being gossiped about, and slandered – politician and non, capitalist and socialist, left and right, rich and poor, liberal and conservative, PhD and high school diploma, CNN and FOX watchers. Attack, retribution, shaming, fall out. Over and over again. And it’s still happening.

I don’t see Jesus in any of it. Not that I ever did, but this fact was brought to the forefront of my heart and mind.

What is something that is at the essence of every person? Their character, right? Character is “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”. God gave each of us the ability to have one, as he has one too (only his is perfect). He has the in on everything that makes our character what it is.

We live in a society where our characters – what is at the heart of what we do, say, and think – are constantly being attacked. People are constantly being criticized and judged by those who think they know better.

Attacks on character are prevalent and commonly used (tactfully and heedlessly) as a weapon by some these days. You don’t have look far to see this. It’s all up in our faces. If you have no idea what I am talking about, tell me your secret. Impart your wisdom on your humble servant.

I want to remind you that if you are or have been at the receiving end of character attacks, while they seem impossible to refute because they slam the door on any logical discussion, YOU get to determine the power of this weapon. Is it a splinter? Is it a dagger? Is it a pebble stuck in the grooves of the bottom of your shoe? You decide whether the attack comes from somewhere pertinent or not. People can hurl character attacks at you for thinking, looking, talking, acting differently. You determine whether the attack causes damage or not.

The real power is not in the rhetoric. The REAL power is in the relationship you have with your Creator. If that relationship is strong and vital to you, then what would otherwise be a paralyzing dagger in your spine, might just be a pebble in your shoe that you just have to shake out.

Ask for discernment, and He’ll freely give it! Even if something someone tells you has some relevance but comes from somewhere insensitive, you take the relevance without the insensitivity and do something good with it. If someone tells you something that is irrelevent but it comes from somewhere sensitive, you appreciate that sensitivity as something we need a lot of.

See God, He looks at the heart. That reality makes us all cringe. No one likes the idea of the ugly parts being out in the open for Him to see. But remember that “God has always loved us then saved us. Not the other way around.” Wise words of a good friend of mine.

So what I’m hoping for all of us is an extra dose of wisdom. Wisdom when we speak, and when we are at the receiving end of things that are said about us or to us. My hope is that we give power where power is due.

Character attacks that are outright misplaced or don’t mirror Jesus’ manner or intentions, are not due any power. None at all.

Be encouraged! Your voice and character have value!


My Big 3 Year Old Boy

A few major milestones have been reached in the last month, and it was time to put these down on the Blog for the sake of preserving memories. I’ll start with the most impactful.

Gideon is finally potty trained! It was not an easy journey. I got to the point of resenting potty training. But after two frustrating attempts, Gideon was finally ready to leave diapers in the past at the age of 3 years and 3 months. After two attempts at potty training, I realized that a potty LEARNING approach made more sense considering Gideon’s personality. We equipped him with the knowledge, left everything set up for him, and waited for him to be ready. And voila! He did it! Live and learn.

Gideon has been working so hard with his progress in learning to play cello. Two weeks ago his instructor surprised him with his first bow! He definitely earned it. His cello teacher has all of her students name their cello and bow. Gideon named his cello “Jesus”, which speaks to how special Jesus is to him. He named his bow “Komodo” [dragon], after his favorite animal. We’re so proud of our little cellist.


Gideon earned his first real bow!


Gideon with the Honor Guard on Memorial Day. Sergeant Daniel is holding the american flag. We’re so proud of him. 


Gideon rocked his first dentist appointment!


My human son with his feline big sister. So much love!

On Saturday Gideon and I spent the morning finding treasures at garage sales in the area. Gideon scored with some animal figurines he didn’t already have in his collection. He did a great job cleaning them before introducing them to his other animals.


Gideon is going through a phase where he is obsessed with helping me. He has not yet learned to be disgusted by toilets, and offers to scrub them with the toilet brush all the time. I don’t hesitate to take him up on his offer! One of his favorite chores is putting the silverware away in the morning.


My little helper


It’s a hammerhead shark, mommy! The boy is obsessed with animals.


Not every day is fun. Sometimes we spike fevers and sleep all day. 

Cleaning Day

Today was my weekly cleaning day which means that I have nothing interesting to report. Daniel let me sleep in for an additional half hour, and I always feel so much more rested when that happens. Gideon spent part of his morning outside with Daniel doing yard work, but other than that he tagged along and “helped” me with my cleaning or spent some quality time playing by himself.
One of my favorite things right now, is catching him playing by himself and observing him. His imagination and ability to make-believe has really blossomed over the last few months. It’s one of the parts of him that brings me the most joy. I always want to foster his ability to dream and imagine.

Since there is nothing much to report, and since I’ve left such a gap in blogging about my little man, here are some pictures of March 8th, his 3rd birthday.


My big 3 year-old boy


Gideon’s big day started with his first cello lesson at the Mother House. He has since earned his cello, is practicing with a wood bow, and is in the process of graduating his foot chart.


His request for the day was to visit the Komodo Dragon at the Zoo. He is obsessed with this creature.


After a busy morning, we took a break and let Gideon eat his favorite!



Giving a birthday gift from his grandma a try for the night.


Short entry, but the pictures will really trigger some memories for me – which is part of the point of my blog! Now it’s time to take it easy and watch “Age of Adeline”.

Let’s Catch Up: Gideon Goes to Bolivia

On January 14th of this year, Gideon and I boarded our first airplane together. Gideon was as prepped as a 2 year-old could be. He’d heard the stories, read the books, and watched the videos about airports. He was so calm and quiet going through security and waiting for our first flight. I could tell he was taking it all in, and wanted to do everything “right”. My little Type A boy.


At CVG airport, waiting for our plane to park at the gate.


Gideon on his first flight ever!


Friendly pilots allowed Gideon to sit in the cockpit. He was a little overwhelmed.

Gideon could not have been a better travel companion. He was such a trooper. I thought we’d have a longer layover before “the big one”. I planned on letting him run around a little, grabbing a bite, changing him into some comfortable PJ’s, all before boarding. But … nothing goes as planned sometimes. We barely had time for a diaper change before boarding the longest flight, and Gideon was tired and hungry. He held himself together so well, and just went with the flow. He only cried as we boarded the plane. When I got him situated and fed, he was back to being his content little self. I had mentally prepared him for having to sleep on a plane, so he had no trouble falling asleep with his head on my lap. He was so exhausted, he would have fallen asleep anywhere at that point.

I didn’t sleep a wink on the Miami to La Paz flight, but I’d mentally prepared myself for that too. Gideon didn’t sleep great, but at least he was horizontal. He woke up in a really cranky mood, and the poor little guy was done with airplanes. I got some breakfast in him, and the iPad came to my rescue. While waiting for the third leg of the trip to take off, I found out that they had gotten our seats mixed up. The flight attendant approached me on the plane, and he told me that they had Gideon assigned to a seat 3 rows behind me. So, I looked at him without blinking once. There must have been 10 seconds of silence between us. I stared, waiting for him to state the solution to the problem. He stared back, waiting for me to get me and my dark circles together, and take my 2 year-old to his assigned seat 3 rows away from me.

After the 10 seconds had lapsed, and realizing that this was going nowhere, I opened my mouth. “So, what are you going to do about it?” He stared at me confused and said “Well, your son has that seat over there”. I have to add that this whole conversation was in Spanish, and most of the passengers boarding were Spanish speaking women. So at this point, everyone is staring at the flight attendant completely horrified. I’m not sure if he was new, or just having an off day, but I decided simple talk would be the best way to get through to him. And I was just done with him, to be totally honest.

“I’m not going to sit away from my son.”

“But your seat is here, and his is over there.”

[self-talk happening]”Then you need to do something about it, because we are not sitting apart from each other.”

At this point, some lady stranger friends start chiming in and putting this flight attendant fella in his place. I give him one last chance to be rational.

“My son here is 2 years old. He is not going sit away from me. Please figure something out.”

Without a word, he left the plane, and didn’t get back on.

Other than this one incidence, every single flight attendant, across multiple airlines, and across 8 flights total were incredibly helpful and supportive.

Two days after leaving Cincinnati, we arrived.





Gideon and the church cat. ❤

Product Review: Crystal Wash

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you are aware that in our home we are constantly striving  to simplify and declutter our home and lifestyle. Since we had our son, Gideon, laundry has become a big part of yours truly’s life. We cloth diapered until about a year ago, and I was on the hunt for the perfect DIY laundry detergent recipe for clothes and diapers. I tried making big batches of liquid homemade detergent, but the process was too cumbersome and time-consuming. I switched to a powder recipe, but still did not like the chemical harshness of the Borax, and how de-natured the product was. I felt like I had to wear a mask when I was making the stuff, so as to not inhale it. I will tell you I liked the money-saving aspect of DIY laundry detergent. Really liked all the money being saved.

So I kept hunting  for something better, and finally came across a product called Crystal Wash. The clouds parted, and sunshine came through the day  I received these lovelies in the mail.



I was hooked on this product from the moment I used it. The first thing to be tested were my musty towels. No amount of Pinterest solutions could rid my towels of this odor that was driving me out of my mind. I kid you not, one time in the wash with Crystal Wash and my towels smelled perfectly like … nothing! They were just fluffy, clean towels that smelled of nothing. There was much rejoicing in the laundry room.

I have since given my parents my first set as a gift because I love them and want them to enjoy the simplicity of the new laundry process and expense. I got my second set in the mail a while back, and am still really enjoying how clean, stain-free, and fresh my laundry is. I don’t see myself turning back until some genius comes up with a fabric that never stains or requires washing.


They have their own little basket by the window, because they need their Vitamin D. They are solar powered.

What is this??

Each of these balls contain little marbles composed of minerals that are known for their anti-bacterial properties. When the water in your washing machine starts to move, the agitation activates the little marbles and begins to change the chemical properties in the water to neutralize the pH. [See an official description here ].

How does it work?

You put the dirty laundry in the washing machine (stain treated if applicable), grab the crystal wash balls, throw them in the with the clothes, add your usual fabric softener (I use vinegar), and voila!

The minerals are solar powered, so you should lay them out in the sun once a month to recharge.

Why is this better than store-bought or DIY laundry detergent?

  • It’s cheaper.
  • It retails for about $50, but if you stay on the website long enough, an ad will come up with a discounted promotion for around $37.
  • The product claims to last for 1,000 loads. That means that if you average a load of laundry per day, one set could last you around 3 years. That’s $50 over a 3 year period.
  • It requires no work. If you DIY, there are 3-5 less products on your grocery list, you don’t have to combine ingredients, boil large batches, transfer to small containers, etc.
  • In terms of clutter, it’s one less big container of something using shelf space in your home. That’s a big deal to me.
  • There are no chemicals put into the fabric, other than whatever you use to treat stains or soften fabrics. That is huge considering my son has ultra-sensitive skin.
  • It’s better for the environment.

One thing to consider

There is one color of clothes that Crystal Wash was not found to be as effective with, and that is whites. It does not whiten them like store bought laundry detergent with boost or bleach would. So that is something to keep in mind.

How does Crystal Wash do with stains?

I have a two and a half year old. Doing his laundry takes twice as long because every other item of clothing requires some stain treating before I wash it. Here are some pictures of a piece of clothing that was absolutely saturated in food and grease stains.

Now, some people are particular about how they wash their whites or reds. If you have a detergent that works for you, go for it! But consider that even if you use Crystal Wash with towels, linens, and other things that go in the wash, you’ll still be saving money!

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and remember that you can always go straight to the Crystal Wash website.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not sponsored or anything at all. I just want to share something that has made my life easier, and is easier on the wallet.

Be blessed as you do laundry and take care of yourself and your family!

My Little Stud Muffin

I have had several projects in the works over the last few weeks. They have taken up most of my free time, and now that they are completed I can return back to my other hobby. I have a few things I want to write about in the next few weeks including product reviews and recipes, but the first order of business is an update on the little guy. I could post dozens of pictures, but I’ve chosen a few (mostly from my phone – don’t always have time to to transfer and edit from the DSLR) favorites to share with you.

Gideon has been home and sick since Sunday, and he is making a slow but sure recovery. Poor little guy has a little ear infection and a bad rash over most of his body, so we’ve hunkered down and focused on keeping him as comfortable as possible. He finally slept through the night last night. The three of us were in desperate need for a long stretch of sleep! I’m hoping that if the rain lets up tomorrow, we’ll get him out of the house for a bit.

Any ways, here are some pictures from the last month.

Gideon breaks in his new back pack.

Gideon breaks in his new back pack. “Mochila!”

He looks like such a big boy!

He looks like such a big boy!

Gideon and his love for books.

The boy loves his books!

Gideon Reads

He’ll take every single book from the bookshelf and pile them all around him

Gideon Reads

He makes himself right at home at the library.

He makes himself right at home at the library.

Read and Play

We recently discovered a park two minutes away from our house. And I’m reading “Wheat Belly” which is rocking my nutrition-knowledge world.

2 going on 20.

I’m in trouble. What a stud muffin!

We are watching Robin Hood, and then it’s bed time for Gideon. Tonight’s project is working on Gideon’s Halloween costume. More on that later!

“Mommy, I’m So Happy”

Today we hit the ground running, and still haven’t stopped. Daniel got up with Gideon and let me sleep in for an extra hour which was wonderful. After the three of us took a few moments to wrestle and pillow fight, we got ready and headed downtown. There is an area behind the football and baseball stadiums called “The Banks”, right on the Ohio River. It’s full of modern apartment buildings, restaurants, and a really nice riverside park called Smale Park.

We’d heard through the grapevine that an old WWII warship was docked at the river, and open for tours. So we made today a family outing day.

boarding the ship

boarding the USS LST 325

Every time I take a tour or walk through a museum that is war-related, I always get a little introspective and quiet. Today’s tour of the USS LST 325 was no different. This particular ship is called a landing ship. I didn’t know what the meant at first, but then Daniel explained that these were the ships that would land on beaches and unload soldiers as well as heavy weaponry and tanks. Naive as it might seem, images of “Saving Private Ryan” crossed my mind, and I realized that for me personally this was not going to be a fun, happy-go-lucky experience. While I enjoyed learning and taking pictures, I had a great sense of appreciation and honor to walk through the places that men once walked who lost their lives fighting for … well … me, and Daniel, and Gideon. They were thinking of their families and their descendants for years to come. Not to mention, men and women on this ship knew their fate would almost surely result in injury or death, and they didn’t cower. I really respect and appreciate that.


Gideon helped order our tickets.

It went on and on!

It went on and on!

The Mess Hall. It was significantly downsized when the Greeks bought the ship. But this is where the men and women would play cards, write letters, and eat.

The Mess Hall. It was significantly downsized when the Greeks bought the ship. But this is where the men and women would play cards, write letters, and eat.

LST 325

This part of the ship was truly sobering. These cots could not have been more than 5.5 feet long.


This part of the ship was truly sobering. These cots could not have been more than 5.5 feet long.

We followed the LST 325 tour with a trip to Whole Foods for groceries and lunch, which we always look forward to. Once Gideon was down for a nap, I headed to a nearby park to photograph a dear friend with her wonderful 5 year-old son.

perfectly unedited. It was such a delight to be around them.

perfectly unedited. What a delightful family. It was a very special experience.

After a dinner of Cod with salad, which I will never make again because – while it was yummy – it stunk up the entire house, we loaded our bikes in the truck and went for a little off-roading adventure. It was a single track trail, so we rode with Daniel in the lead, Gideon in the middle, and I took up the rear. At one point, Gideon stopped in his tracks, got off his bike, walked up to me, smiled and said “Mommy, I’m so happy”.  I think everyone in the park heard me yell time after time as he rode away “I love you! I love you so much!”. I never want to forget he did that.

I took a pretty good spill during our adventure, so Daniel gave me the night off and is doing kitchen clean up. Love him! Going to take a nice long shower and relax with my honey.