My Big 3 Year Old Boy

A few major milestones have been reached in the last month, and it was time to put these down on the Blog for the sake of preserving memories. I’ll start with the most impactful.

Gideon is finally potty trained! It was not an easy journey. I got to the point of resenting potty training. But after two frustrating attempts, Gideon was finally ready to leave diapers in the past at the age of 3 years and 3 months. After two attempts at potty training, I realized that a potty LEARNING approach made more sense considering Gideon’s personality. We equipped him with the knowledge, left everything set up for him, and waited for him to be ready. And voila! He did it! Live and learn.

Gideon has been working so hard with his progress in learning to play cello. Two weeks ago his instructor surprised him with his first bow! He definitely earned it. His cello teacher has all of her students name their cello and bow. Gideon named his cello “Jesus”, which speaks to how special Jesus is to him. He named his bow “Komodo” [dragon], after his favorite animal. We’re so proud of our little cellist.

Gideon earned his first real bow!
Gideon with the Honor Guard on Memorial Day. Sergeant Daniel is holding the american flag. We’re so proud of him. 
Gideon rocked his first dentist appointment!
My human son with his feline big sister. So much love!

On Saturday Gideon and I spent the morning finding treasures at garage sales in the area. Gideon scored with some animal figurines he didn’t already have in his collection. He did a great job cleaning them before introducing them to his other animals.


Gideon is going through a phase where he is obsessed with helping me. He has not yet learned to be disgusted by toilets, and offers to scrub them with the toilet brush all the time. I don’t hesitate to take him up on his offer! One of his favorite chores is putting the silverware away in the morning.

My little helper
It’s a hammerhead shark, mommy! The boy is obsessed with animals.
Not every day is fun. Sometimes we spike fevers and sleep all day. 


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