Cleaning Day

Today was my weekly cleaning day which means that I have nothing interesting to report. Daniel let me sleep in for an additional half hour, and I always feel so much more rested when that happens. Gideon spent part of his morning outside with Daniel doing yard work, but other than that he tagged along and “helped” me with my cleaning or spent some quality time playing by himself.
One of my favorite things right now, is catching him playing by himself and observing him. His imagination and ability to make-believe has really blossomed over the last few months. It’s one of the parts of him that brings me the most joy. I always want to foster his ability to dream and imagine.

Since there is nothing much to report, and since I’ve left such a gap in blogging about my little man, here are some pictures of March 8th, his 3rd birthday.

My big 3 year-old boy
Gideon’s big day started with his first cello lesson at the Mother House. He has since earned his cello, is practicing with a wood bow, and is in the process of graduating his foot chart.
His request for the day was to visit the Komodo Dragon at the Zoo. He is obsessed with this creature.
After a busy morning, we took a break and let Gideon eat his favorite!


Giving a birthday gift from his grandma a try for the night.


Short entry, but the pictures will really trigger some memories for me – which is part of the point of my blog! Now it’s time to take it easy and watch “Age of Adeline”.



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