My Little Stud Muffin

I have had several projects in the works over the last few weeks. They have taken up most of my free time, and now that they are completed I can return back to my other hobby. I have a few things I want to write about in the next few weeks including product reviews and recipes, but the first order of business is an update on the little guy. I could post dozens of pictures, but I’ve chosen a few (mostly from my phone – don’t always have time to to transfer and edit from the DSLR) favorites to share with you.

Gideon has been home and sick since Sunday, and he is making a slow but sure recovery. Poor little guy has a little ear infection and a bad rash over most of his body, so we’ve hunkered down and focused on keeping him as comfortable as possible. He finally slept through the night last night. The three of us were in desperate need for a long stretch of sleep! I’m hoping that if the rain lets up tomorrow, we’ll get him out of the house for a bit.

Any ways, here are some pictures from the last month.

Gideon breaks in his new back pack.
Gideon breaks in his new back pack. “Mochila!”
He looks like such a big boy!
He looks like such a big boy!
Gideon and his love for books.
The boy loves his books!
Gideon Reads
He’ll take every single book from the bookshelf and pile them all around him

Gideon Reads

He makes himself right at home at the library.
He makes himself right at home at the library.
Read and Play
We recently discovered a park two minutes away from our house. And I’m reading “Wheat Belly” which is rocking my nutrition-knowledge world.
2 going on 20.
I’m in trouble. What a stud muffin!

We are watching Robin Hood, and then it’s bed time for Gideon. Tonight’s project is working on Gideon’s Halloween costume. More on that later!