Terrific Two’s: Meltdown City Part 1

 Gideon is officially of age to begin taking some daily activities into his own hands. He wants so badly to be independent, and have control of something. When he feels too tightly bound or like no one is listening, those famous toddler tantrums ensue. I avoid talking or reasoning with him too much when he is in the throws of a fit simply because he’s too upset to process whatever I’m trying to communicate. 

a toddler fit? me??

I am learning that no one discipline style fits all the moments of Gideon’s life that require discipline or guidance. He’s not a robot and I can’t presume to help or “fix” him with a manual-following approach. 

Parenting Gideon has become more difficult – not because of Gideon, he is a 2 year old who is acting and behaving appropriate for his age – but because this new important phase of his life requires me to humble myself and practice self-control and self-awareness like never before. He needs guidance, and I find myself being the one who requires the discipline.

My goal is to model the fruits of the spirit for my son, and show him how much better life is if we confront the challenging moments in life with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. That means I’d better get cracking! And it’s tough!   

I’ve been making my way through this book

I read books like these with the goal of finding things that apply and are useful to my personal life. While I don’t agree with everything the author believes, she makes some pretty solid points. Not to mention, although she appears to be  a secular writer, she inadvertently emphasizes how vital the fruits of the spirit are in raising happy kids. More to the point of this blog entry, she believes that parenting has more to do with the parents’ behavior and how we act, and less with how children perform at different stages of development. I could not agree more!   

gideon and his cousin taking it easy at the pool today

Next up in part 2 of this little series I want to note the strategies that help me keep my mommy meltdowns to a minimum and guide Gideon through his age-appropriate ones.



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