“I don’t like this song!”

Is Gideon’s longest uttered sentence that I have recorded. My 2-year old is producing 5 word sentences! Clear as day, from the back seat of the car he said “I don’t like this song!”. Daniel and I looked at each other in disbelief.

Thank you for the scooter, Fin! We love you!

Thank you for the scooter, Fin! We love you!

On a more scary note, he has become a true parrot. I exclaimed “shoot!” one time when I stubbed my toe, and Gideon tried his hand at it. I’ve since worked on taming my tongue to say things like “ouch!” or “aw man!”. Another time I was at my in-law’s house watching an episode of Doc Martin. Someone on the show said the word “bloody!” as British expletives go, and of all the things for Gideon to say out loud while playing with cars on the coffee table he said “Bloody!”. We all gasped, and covered our mouths to keep the shocked laughs to ourselves. No more Doc Martin for him! Even Thomas The Train likes his expletives. “Bust my boilers!”, “cinders and ashes!”. But I digress…

Gideon had his 2 year checkup a few days ago, and we learned that only 2% of all 2 year olds in the United States of America are taller than him. He went from being in the 95% for weight to the 75%. Gideon is basically tall and lanky like his dad. Everything checked out perfectly, and we were given kudos for not bringing him into the doctor’s office since his first-year check up. Knock on wood his second year will be doctor visit free!

Our big eater has become a big picky eater. Gideon continues to have a huge appetite, but has become more selective about what he chooses to put in his mouth. At first I thought he had simply developed a distaste for certain foods, but I’m beginning to think that there is more of a texture/sensory issue going on. I’m leaning towards Gideon being a picky texture eater because he spits out food as soon as it enters his mouth, but not before really tasting it. He is also more receptive to certain foods (namely vegetables) that have been cooked a certain way, which only supports my theory.

I’m thinking some sneaky broccoli brownies are in his future. You do what you’ve got to do, am I right?

Likes/favorites: being outside, riding his bike, his big wheel, riding his scooter, daddy’s truck, bugs, waffles, pizza, strawberries, cheese, tuna, milk and cuddles first thing in the morning, puzzles, Abby, putting shoes away as soon as we enter the house (is not content unless they are lined up perfectly), praying, his sand/water table, washing his hands, flushing the toilet, brushing his teeth, cars (toy and real), airplanes, trains, helicopters, throwing and catching a ball, jumping with both feet, singing “Jesus Loves Me”, counting to 10 (in Spanish primarily), the alphabet and what sounds the letters make, being tickled, wrestling, being chased.

Dislikes: getting his diaper changed, when his play time is interrupted, when it’s time to say bye to family or friends, when he doesn’t get a 5th serving of food, when you mess with or disrupt his little routines (bedtime, etc.).

New Developments: Gideon will call to us from upstairs “Hey guys!”, call out to perfect strangers and wave frantically “Hi guys!”, “Bye guys!”. He probably asks us “what’s that?” like one hundred times a day. Once he’s regained his composure after falling or hurting himself, Gideon will relate the story of what happened by going up to the place or item he hit his head/knee/face on and saying “bam!”.

Our little boy is growing so quickly! I’m looking forward to a fun, active summer. I’m also looking forward to pre schooling him at home. Hopefully that will happen in the Fall. We shall see!



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