Gideon’s 2nd Birthday!

Preparations for Gideon’s 2nd birthday celebration were in full swing well before the big day.IMG_6272

Lucky me, March 8th fell on daylight savings. I say that with total sarcasm because the last hour before guests arrived was a mad dash. What I thought I had two hours to do, got done in less than an hour. Gideon’s party would not have gone as smooth as it did without Daniel and his mom’s help. However crazy things were from 3 to 4 P.M., it all came together beautifully.

There are so many things that Gideon is interested in, and I’ve had a vision in my head for months. So I decided this was a good year to pick the theme. Something tells me Gideon will do the birthday theme picking from now on.



IMG_6375 IMG_6388 IMG_6387


My mom and dad crossed the hemispheres to be there for the special day!
My mom and dad crossed the hemispheres to be there for the special day!

We were blessed to be surrounded with friends and family who are near and dear to our hearts. Gideon is such a thankful boy, and did not hesitate to give out hugs and kisses when it came time to open gifts. He made the best 2 year old party host and star.

I can’t believe that I have a two year old. I miscarried in March of 2012, Gideon entered our lives in March of 2013.

IMG_7474He brought us such joy as a one year old in March of 2014.

And now, March of 2015, we have a big 2 year old who is becoming more and more of an active and essential part our family and home.

Our big 2 year old!
Our big 2 year old! [ Islabikes – if you are curious about balance bikes ]
Gideon’s first two words on the morning after his birthday were “bike” and “helmet”. I think we picked the right gift for our active little daredevil.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Gideon! We love you so much!