Snowman the Snowman


It has been a winter wonderland in these parts!

The snow kept coming!

The snow kept coming!

The snow stopped earlier this week, but the freezing temps have really kept things white and pretty. We have had serious indoor weather for the last week but we still managed to make the best of it. I took a moment after putting Gideon down for his nap one day, and spent about 15 minutes taking pictures and feeling overwhelmed with the beauty around me!

winter wonderland

so blessed to have this view in my backyard.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such pretty views.

Gideon has been really interested in snowmen this winter. I got him a few library books and books on consignment about snowmen, and he loves them. So as soon as the snow settled, and took on good “packing” properties, the boys got outside to build Gideon’s first snowman!

first snowman

when Daniel rolled the bottom layer of the body, he

Gideon named the snowman, "Snowman". I think that's pretty fitting.

Gideon named the snowman, “Snowman”. We think that’s pretty fitting.

I’m so glad that Gideon was finally in good health when it snowed. He finally got to enjoy it and have fun!

Did you get out to play in the snow? Did you build anything?



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