Gideon In The Morning


Gideon in the Morning 2

One of my favorite times of day is the first hour or two of the morning. I’m usually so under-rested that I have a hard time thinking straight. Luckily, Gideon’s expectations of me are “give me milk, change my diaper, snuggle me, read me books”, which I can handle. Neither of us are bouncing off the walls ready to wrestle, so we get along pretty well.

Gideon in the morning 2

Having the most adorable bed head you’ve ever seen doesn’t hurt in keeping my morning spirits lifted.  Neither do his puffy eyes and groggy voice. I just melt into a puddle of sappymamamush.

Gideon’s favorite song of the moment is called “White Winter Hymnal” by the Fleet Foxes. He’s especially obsessed with Pentatonix’s cover of this very melodic song.

Daniel and I both have tried and tried to get him singing this song on video with no success. But here is a video of Gideon first thing in the morning exercising his free will, and denying me my wishes. Although in all fairness he does the knee slap routine and sings “ooh ooh”. Finally, notice the wicked awesome bed head.



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