Yogurt Monster!

This weekend was jammed packed! We had friends over for dinner on Friday night, and we ended up visiting till late. It was so great to see them, and have great conversation. We couldn’t be more blessed with the people who are close to us. On Saturday I spent the morning making a birthday cake for a 7 year old boy, and it was so much fun to get back into the business of baking. Since going wheat free, my KitchenAid has collected dust. So it was a great reminder of how much I love baking for friends and family. After taking a pretty decent family nap, we dropped Gideon off at Daniel’s parents’ house. We had dinner with a big group of friends, and then headed to Coney Island for the Light Up The Night International Fireworks Competition. We had such a blast, and the show was very impressive! Although we were ready to see our boy when the night was over, we really enjoyed having some “adult time”.

For memory keeping sake, I want to record a few precious things and successes we had with Gideon this weekend.

1. He is really learning to pray with us at meals, and at bed time. He doesn’t always like having to wait to eat, but as soon as we bow our heads and start to pray he gets quiet and bows his head too. He signs “thank you” every time we thank God for something, and signs “amen” at the end of prayers. We see him beginning to understand reverence, love, and gratitude.

2. At church on Sunday, Gideon did better than he has ever done before. He sat between us, and quietly ate his snacks and drank his water. He would occasionally “sing”, and was moved in one occasion to wave his little right arm during a song. Daniel and I are not “arm wavers”, but we may have to join in with our little man!

3. Daniel was taking Gideon out of the auditorium for nursery hour, and Gideon decided he LOVED the song of the moment. He smiled really big, and clapped his little heart out. I couldn’t help but watch him as Daniel paused in the aisle and let him enjoy the song. People were turning around and clapping with him and smiling. He brings so much life and joy to the people around him, and we are so proud!

Gideon and I shared a laid back day at home today. He had a rough night last night, so were both dragging. Gideon kept waking up in 15 to 30 minute increments until midnight, when I noticed he was tugging at his right ear. After giving him some garlic oil drops, he finally fell asleep. It’s always tricky when he messes with his ears, because I don’t know if he is cutting teeth or getting an ear infection. Even though he coincidentally slept soundly after getting the garlic drops put in his ear, I think a new tooth was the real culprit. Today Gideon drooled more than usual and was putting his hands in his mouth which is not typical. He did not appear to have any ear discomfort at all.

Yogurt with blueberries and bananas! NOM NOM!

Yogurt with blueberries and bananas for breakfast! NOM NOM!

I made some Paleo banana bread this afternoon, so the three of us enjoyed it as a yummy treat for dessert. Here is a picture of Gideon giving me his first “smile for the camera!”

First "cheese!" smile

First “cheese!” smile

At around 7 PM, I told Gideon we were going on our walk. He immediately got my shoes, but was very determined to not get in his stroller. He wanted to run and play, not be restricted to a harness!

Instead he decided he wanted to ride around in his car and collect rocks.

Step 1: gather rocks

Step 1: gather rocks

Step 2: Store the rocks safely away.

Step 2: Store the rocks safely away.

Step 3: Transport rocks to desired location.

Step 3: Transport rocks to desired location.

Step 4: Show off the fruits of labor

Step 4: Show off the fruits of labor

This evening Gideon took a break from helping me put away clean diapers and laundry, and sat in the rocking chair to read one of his books. He pee peed on the cushion earlier today, so it is out of commission for now. I love to watch him focus. I can see the wheels turning.

And at the end he was moved to sing along to Chantal. A boy after my own heart!



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