Words and Signs at 18 Months

Phew! What a week! It’s been a busy one. My days have been filled to the brim with appointments, a booked schedule, and a toddler.
Active as I am, I did not want to go another day without blogging about Gideon.

I did not make a detailed 18 month update, and since Gideon will be 19 months old soon, I figured better late than never.

Gideon is 35.25 inches tall, and weighs 28 lb.
Gideon is 35.25 inches tall, and weighs 28 lb.

Big Boy

I’m obsessed with his little body. His little hands, his feet, his bum, his yummy neck, his beautiful head of hair, his face, and especially those expressive eyes.

favorite book of the day: any that has pictures of things that move.
favorite book of the day: any that has pictures of things that move.


I’m fascinated with observing and pinpointing the milestones in Gideon’s development. I never intend to rush him or worry if he doesn’t master a skill “early”, but I just like to keep track of his development and celebrate every accomplishment. The speech-language pathologist in me is especially obsessed with his receptive and expressive language. So here go a few jumbled, detailed paragraphs about Gideon’s communication kills.

In the world of motors: “auto” or car is “vvvv”, “moto” or motorcycle is a lip trill, “avión” or airplane is “vvvv” with arms stretched out like wings, “trén” or train is “too too” with a hand motion for pulling the whistle chord. “Boat” is “bope”, any kind of emergency vehicle is a high pitched “oooo”. Tractor is “tah-to” and the sound of the tractor is “takataka”.

He has words in english and/or spanish for the terms mentioned above and the following. As a side note, I want to remind myself that Gideon identifies most animals by the sound they make. Door, drink, milk, cheese (“teh-tn” for queso), book, fork, spoon, mama, papi, baba (Daniel’s dad), mimi (Daniel’s mom), abuelo and abuela (my parents), Asher, Moriah, Elijah, Abby, hi!, bye bye (he says “tao tao” for chi chau), please, sorry, outside, light (he says “luz”), brush teeth, bath, shoes, socks, park, eat, hat, cow, horse, cat, sheep, chicken, lion, tiger, zebra, elephant, snake, duck, monkey, frog, pacifier (“teh teh” for chupete).

Baby signs: mama, papi, grandma, grandpa, water, drink, milk, eat, all done, more, ball, train, chicken, thank you, please, bird, sorry, help, bath, mouse, flower, cat, dog, banana, strawberry, fish, rabbit, bike, car, motorcycle, work, sleep, brush teeth, book,  love, yes.

He is beginning to combine words and/or signs (for example “yes mama”). I’ve noticed that he’s slowed down his acquisition of signs, and is using more verbal expressive language.

Gideon is also learning body parts. He knows head, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, toes and feet very well. When we look at a photo and ask “who is this?”, no matter who it is, he points at himself and says “Nei-nun” for “Gideon”.

The other day while I was making dinner, I noticed that the lights in the dining room were turning on and off. I turned the corner to find that Gideon had pulled a chair up to the wall, and was learning about turnings lights on and off.

And finally a clip from today at the park, showing how well he has mastered the skill of stacking.

It’s past midnight and tomorrow is a busy day, so off to bed I go!



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