Feeling Under the Weather

Gideon is on the mend! Yesterday he just had a low grade fever in the morning, and a residual cough with clear runny nose. Today he is even better! I still opted out of Mommy Bible Study, and decided to keep Gideon away from people for another day. No need to get other people sick, or put Gideon’s worn out immune system through something else!

Mommy took a turn for the worse last night, though. Drainage and mouth breathing kept me up most of the night drinking gobs of water and tossing and turning. Gideon only woke up once for a drink of water and a quick snuggle, so made for a smoother night for sure.

Daniel was off of work today and was extremely helpful in letting me rest and heal. He got Gideon out of the house for a while, and even made us delicious omelets for lunch. I pretty much camped out on the couch meal planning and playing with Gideon as I got bouts of energy here and there.

The last day Gideon wore a romper. So sad!

The last day Gideon wore a romper. So sad

Gideon has watched his cousins play their cellos so much, that he has begun learning some of their songs. The earliest we can enroll him for classes is at the age of three. But having 3 older cousins who are great at it tells me he might be advanced! He is also getting better and better at being a little helper around the house. The boy loves his routines!

Also worth mentioning, we received these treasures from my parents on the day that they were flying back home to Bolivia.


I can’t wait for Gideon to be able to write so he can fill these in.

While Gideon helped Daniel plant some perennials in the front yard this evening, I got the kitchen cleaned up so we could have a relaxed evening together after putting the little one down for the night. We’re having a movie night. I hope tonight goes smoothly!



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