Growing so Fast

We had another rough patch last night. Gideon kept waking up coughing and crying, and slept for an hour and a half to two hour stretches. He finally slept from 3 AM to 6:15 AM, and then was up for the day.

His temperature was 99.3* at his first diaper change, but he was in a pretty good mood considering the choppy sleep he’d gotten.

Giving Abby some mornings love.

Giving Abby some morning love.

monkey feet!

monkey feet!

Gideon touches the outlets and shakes his head "noooo".

Gideon touches the outlets and shakes his head “noooo”.

Gideon in the Morning

sometimes Gideon will curl up and “snore”. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Throughout the morning his temp went from 99.3* to 101* and back down to 100.9*. These temps are nothing for him, since he usually runs anywhere from 102 to 104. We made it a pajama day, and took it easy at home for most of the day. We read every book in his collection, and watched some Curious George. I only demanded of myself to complete my morning routine. When that was complete, it was Gideon time.

He skipped his morning nap altogether, but signed “sleep” 3 times after lunch, so he went down for a nap without a peep for an hour and a half. I think he would have slept longer, but a coughing fit woke him up.

I decided to go ahead and get Gideon adjusted this afternoon. I would usually wait a day to let the fever do its thing, and then decide whether extra measures are necessary. But today I decided to nip whatever this is in the bud, and take all the preventative and immunity-boosting measures I could think of as soon as the symptoms arrived. Maybe if I help Gideon right off the bat to have the strength and fortified immune system to fight things off, he wouldn’t have to fight so hard later on.

Gideon was more cuddly than usual today, so in order to get anything done I got my trusty Ergo and went to work.

My sidekick.

My sidekick.

Gideon is almost 30 lb., and the weight limit for the Ergo is 35 lb. His growing body is definitely taking its toll on my back. I used to wear Gideon most of the day sometimes, and now I can’t go for longer then 20 minute stretches. He is super active, and likes to  lean back, and rock side to side to see over my shoulder. Little guy doesn’t realize what that does to mommy’s back! My mom gave me a ring sling that is supposed to carry up to 45 lb. kids, so I’m hoping that will work as a baby wearing solution over the winter.

I do what I can, when I can. And since Gideon was not feeling like himself today, I made a little extra effort to ignore the discomfort. My back is definitely yelling at me this evening. But I can acknowledge that our true baby wearing days are coming to an end. This will probably be the last winter that I can cuddle him hands free.

It’s part of being a mother to such a big, strong boy.



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