Back to Square One

Our diapering routine and lifestyle has been a little off-kilter the last month or so. Gideon has struggled with rashes and yeast infections since he was a wee babe, and we began running out of ideas to prevent and cure his poor bum right around the 16 month mark. No amount of diaper stripping, sunning, and cloth wipe solution-finding seemed to help the poor little guy.

It was when Gideon started earnestly fighting and dreading diaper changes due to pain and discomfort that we decided to start over. Gideon was obviously miserable, and that just was not going to work for us. We decided to take a break from cloth diapering right  around the time my parents came to visit. Our focus switched to getting Gideon healed, giving him more diaper-free time than usual, and on taking some time to mull over our options.

There are a few things that we know for sure.

First of all, this baby is pretty adorable in a bulky cloth diaper.

First of all, this baby is pretty adorable in a bulky cloth diaper.

1. Whatever route we decide to take, whether cloth or disposables, something needs to change.
2. We are well beyond making a full return on our money by using cloth diapers. Financial peace and no regrets, check.
3. We really enjoy cloth diapering. We have a laundry and prepping routine that works for us, and never feel like cloth diapering takes time away from other things that matter to us.
4. We are always aware that every cloth diaper change is one less diaper in the land fill. Cloth diapering is rewarding, and therefore worth it to us.
5. Cloth diapers are incredibly absorbent (when they are not repelling!) and we have fewer leaks at night than with the disposables.

6. We have no desire to say good bye to cloth diapering all together if we don’t have to.

Our final conclusion: The culprit has to be the micro fleece material lining the pocket diapers we’ve been using. This leaves us with no choice but to say goodbye to our trusty pocket diapers, and hello to trying other types of diapers.

Back to square one!

We will always do what is best for Gideon, and for this past month that has meant giving cloth diapering a break and letting him heal. His bum is now back to normal, and it’s time to check out some cloth diapering options that we had not looked at in the past. So I spent a few evenings brushing up on my cloth diapering knowledge, doing some research, and ordered these babies for a trial run off of Nicki’s Diapers.

One Thirsties cover, a Babykicks Organic Cotton fitted diaper, a Kissaluvs organic fitted diaper, a Grovia organic AIO, and a Bumgenius Elemental AIO. I got the baby leggings for free.

One Thirsties cover, a Babykicks Organic Cotton fitted, a Kissaluvs organic fitted, a Grovia organic all-in-one, and a Bumgenius Elemental all-in-one. The baby leggings were a free bonus.

It’s interesting to me that in our voyage to lead a wholesome lifestyle we discover our baby’s bottom does not react well to synthetic material. Organic and pure material diapers, here we come! A year and a half into Gidoen’s life, it’s still not too late to try new and better things.

The first order of business is to find a night time solution that does not send us back to the rash and wet bed days. The second order of business, is to find diaper that fits Gideon comfortably and performs well while he’s at home during the day.

Fitted diapers were definitely the common recommendation for night time diapering that I found. The whole structure of the diaper becomes absorbent, and the material they are made of absorbs liquid faster and tend to repel less (which was a major issue we were having).  So I ordered one cover and two fitteds. I only ordered one cover because if the one does not cut it, I can try to use the Flips covers I already have. Remember, I’m experimenting here!

All-in-ones were always my second favorite type of cloth diaper when I did my research before Gideon’s birth. I finally get the chance to try them!

I can’t wait to get these prepped and ready, so I can see my little man running around the house in nothing but a t-shirt and cloth diaper. It won’t be long before it gets too cool to run around in the bare minimums.

I have two weeks to test these diapers. I hope we find something that works!

Do you have any experience with these diapers? Advice? Please share!



2 thoughts on “Back to Square One

  1. I love using prefolds and have done so with all three of my babies. I like the Thirsties covers with snaps. The absolute best part of prefolds for us has been the ability to use them with subsequent children. They get better and better the longer we have them. I think I ordered mine from Green Mountain Diapers. They are plain and simple. At night, I add a pocket diaper insert between the diaper and the cover to catch excess wetness. (You could do this to recycle your pocket inserts where they never touch the babe.) It sounds like you’re on the right track whatever you end up doing! What’s best for the bum, is best for all! 🙂

    • I have heard such great things about prefolds. Especially about Green Mountain Diapers. If I were to start over completely, I might get some to use on Gideon especially in the early stages. Thanks for the tips! Love you from afar and always!


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