Steel Drum Band Moves

Last night was rough. Gideon woke up at 10:30 PM , and did not go back to sleep until 2:00 AM. We exhausted our options of snuggling, rocking, shushing, milk, bed sharing, and he finally gave in to exhaustion in his own crib. There was no catching up on sleep for this trio. Gideon was up at 6:15. We’re not really sure what interrupted Gideon’s usual good sleep habits, but we’re hoping it was a one night thing.

Daniel let me sleep in for a bit, and then I got ready and headed to work for a few hours. Gideon and Daniel both took two and a half hour naps while I was gone. Thirty minutes after I got home Gideon went down for his second nap, and slept for an hour and forty five minutes! I welcomed the free time to sit on the couch and catch up on some computer work and household planning.
After getting dinner ready I headed upstairs to wake Gideon up. Not before watching him sleep so peacefully in his crib. G sleeping

After dinner Gideon and I went to the YMCA to watch my niece and nephew play soccer and spend some fun time with the family. We love watching the four cousins bond and play together. They love each other so much, and already take care of each other. Gideon shared a lawn chair with Moriah who is almost exactly one year his senior, and they both clapped and cheered on the soccer players. The kids are so comfortable with each other, and we are thrilled that they get to grow up together.

Cousin buddies.

Cousin buddies.

Here is a video from last weekend at the Harvest Home Fair. A high school steel drum band was playing, and Gideon was just obsessed. He signed “more” after every song and must have dance fifteen minutes straight. He was the band’s biggest fan!

Good night!



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