Our Little Helper

I hardly got any pictures this weekend because it was a busy one! It all started with breakfast at my sister-in-law’s Saturday morning. Breakfast turned into a morning long hangout session, and we did not get home until noon. Gideon tuckered out and fell asleep in the car on the way home, so we took a family nap together for an hour and a half!

Today we were not home for more than 2 hours between the hours of 9 AM and 8 PM. After church we came home, had a quick lunch, and tried our best to get Gideon down for a nap. He refused it, and after half an hour of trying, we gave up. This afternoon was my oldest niece’s 4th birthday, and you know how those things go. A two hour birthday party turned into a four hour hangout session, and we didn’t leave until around 6:15 this evening. We headed straight from there to a gathering with a bunch of friends and church family. We got home at around 8:30. Poor Gideon signed “sleep” the whole way home, and after a quick bath he was out like a light. He did so well today considering he didn’t get a single nap in.

One of Gideon’s favorite things at the moment is being a little helper. He cannot hear the dishwasher door open without running to help unload it. Gideon loves having a purpose, and feeling productive. The cheering and clapping and celebration of his efforts don’t hurt either. He loves putting things away, and says “uh oh!” when things are not where they belong. He also loves to put his own clean laundry in the dresser, and “sweeps” the kitchen floor for me. After meals, his “chores” are to put his dish and fork in the sink, and then push the high chair back to its place. At bedtime he gets his toothbrush and toothpaste out from under the sink.
Here are some pictures of Gideon helping Daniel make iced tea:

Putting ice cubes in the pitcher

Putting ice cubes in the pitcher

Gotta stir it up!

Gotta stir it up!

Taste test!

Taste test!

We are so proud of him!



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