Sleepy Baby


Today was a really busy day. I only remember sitting twice, and that was to eat lunch and dinner. But all in all, it was a great day. Gideon was in a great mood. When Gideon is in a great mood, so is the rest of the household.

Bedtime has always been one of my favorite times of the day. I love winding down, talking to Gideon about our day and singing to him. Over the last few weeks Gideon has really begun expressing love and sweetness by hugging and giving kisses. He’ll put his face up close and go “mmmah!”. At night when I’m reading him a book, he’ll take his pacifier out of his mouth, turn his head up and go “mmmah!”. I don’t mind the slobber at all.

Tonight he calmly and quietly drifted off while I sang to him. So I put my long before-bedtime to-do list on pause, and just sat there rocking him and looking at him. No matter how stressful life gets, nothing puts things into perspective for me like watching my baby sleep.

Everything will be ok, mom.
Everything will be A-ok, mom.
Tiny Gideon
A week old.
Tiny Gideon an Me
Nothing took the away the pain and trauma of Gideon’s birth more than feeling his little body snuggled against me.

Sweet memories I never want to forget.



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