Growth Spurt ?


Gideon and his fox

Gideon’s sleep schedule has been completely out of whack. Part of that is because it’s summer. The days are longer and sometimes he doesn’t go to bed until 9. But that’s ok, right? It’s summer! His naps have also been completely inconsistent. Where Gideon used to take his two naps like clock work, the last week or two he has been really inconsistent with the timing. He has even refused his afternoon nap a few times.

Last night Gideon woke up at 4 AM asking for milk, and would not calm down until I brought him some. It has been several months since he’s needed milk during sleeping hours. He went to sleep right away after finishing off around 4 oz, and didn’t wake up until 9 AM this morning! His wake time is around 7. I body must have needed those extra calories or calcium.

Tonight I gave Gideon his usual 6.5 oz of milk before bed, and then brushed his teeth as usual. He got fussy as soon as we sat in the rocker before putting him in his crib, and he has not fought sleep quite like that in a long time. Gideon wasn’t protesting sleep, he was just unhappy about something and I had no idea what it could be. I took his pajama bottoms off thinking he might be hot, but that didn’t help. I kept asking him what was wrong, and he finally signed “leche” or “milk”. 3 more oz and a few minutes of lullabying, and he was ready to be laid down.

My growing boy!

My growing boy!

I don’t want to assume things too prematurely, but I think it might be safe to say that Gideon is going through a growth spurt. I will just have to wait until the morning to know for sure. I would not mind the extended hours of sleep!

My parents are heading to the USA tomorrow morning, and I wanted to make sure they got some face time with Gideon before a short break in communication. My parents will finally be with us in a few weeks, and we are so excited.


Gideon on Skype with his abuelos

Gideon on Skype with his abuelos this evening.

Gideon on Skype

My parents are wearing their Argentina jerseys, thrilled that Argentina defeated Belgium this afternoon and are moving on in the World Cup. This might be their year!!

Happy 4th weekend!



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