Making Memories At The Deli

This one will be short and sweet, I promise.

At the grocery store this afternoon, Gideon and I were standing in line at the deli and my little tike was winning hearts over for cuteness left and right. He was flashing smiles and waving at everyone around us. A deli worker appreciated my son’s cheerful disposition, and offered him a slice of cheese.
Gideon was thrilled. He shot the deli worker a huge smile and took the slice of cheese. I told him “what do you say?”. Gideon was so excited about the cheese and eating it, that he had forgotten his manners. I got his attention and told him to say thank you. “Say thank you, sir!”.
The deli workers were just shocked when he signed “thank you” and then kept enjoying his treat. One of the ladies working asked me how old he was, and she told me she’d never seen such a well-mannered 15 month-old in her life.
It did them all in when he was done eating his first piece and asked me for “more please”.
I know Gideon is going to do great things in his life, and he’s off to a great start at the age of 1. He’s already inspiring people, and showing them how teachable even the youngest tots can be. My hope is that now they go home and start talking about how they saw a baby sign “thank you” and “please”, and then teach it to their children and grandchildren.

I’m keeping tonight’s entry short and sweet because this evening Daniel totally offered to do kitchen clean up, and I’m giddy with excitement. I decided I’m going to sit on my couch to read a book while a huge storm rages outside. Then we are having a treat and watching a movie. Great night!

In the bottom left picture, he is signing "cat" or "Abby". He must have heard or seen her.
In the bottom left picture, he is signing “cat” or “Abby”. He must have heard or seen her.





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