Can I Have Some Patience With That?

My energy has been really depleted the last day or two. I have a tendency to run low on iron, so I’m wondering if upping my intake of eggs and/or leafy greens would give me the boost I need to get back to normal. I could definitely stand to put a little oomph in my cooking. I’ve let my meal planning fall by the wayside this week. The little voice of weariness has been spewing off negative comments in my head like “Don’t you miss take out? Don’t you miss adding water and voila?”. And the truth is, I do. I don’t miss the food, but I just miss being able to take a break once in a while and getting my food handed to me through a window.
All that to say, all this lack of energy has really made me lazy. I get the bare minimum done to keep the house running, but nothing more. It’s incredible how just a few days of negligence really sets me back.
Most importantly, and high above my housewife duties, I have really had to gather stamina from where there was none in order to be an attentive mother to Gideon.

Poor little guy just wants more attention/love/snuggles/diaper changes/milk/snack.

Poor little guy just wants more attention/love/snuggles/diaper changes/milk/snack.

From before Gideon was born I was told many times that, the more he learned and the more he matured, the more demanding of my time and attention he would become. Most days I am OK with that. As a rule, I’m really grateful because I feel God blessed me an extra reserve of patience for my little boy. I can usually pep talk myself into putting myself into Gideon’s shoes pretty easily. And that usually works in terms of calming him down and achieving good results. I can count on one hand the times I’ve felt like I was about to lose in Gideon’s lifetime.

One of those was tonight, and I’m not proud of it. I had to remind myself time and time again that poor Gideon was overly tired, and that [much like most human beings] there was a slim chance of reasoning with him in his current state. So I did my best to calm him, hurry, and keep him from wiggling off of the changing table. To make any new demands on him would have set us both up for failure. I want to make sure that when I speak to him he is able to internalize at least a little of it, and follow through successfully.

Child Patience Poster

Doing what we can as parents to set up Gideon for success in terms of behavior, takes a huge amount of energy. It feels like going to the moon and back.

But who wouldn't go to the moon and back for this sweet little boy?

But who wouldn’t go to the moon and back for this sweet little boy?

Tomorrow is a new day.

That is my mantra these days. Yesterday is done, and there is no point in dwelling on it. I’ve reviewed it, determined the areas I could have improved on, and now it’s time to take tomorrow and strive to make it the best day yet.

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?



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