Recap For March and April | Part 3 | Easter

Easter Sunday was special for a lot of reasons. In addition to the annual celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection – the most joyous event that ever was and ever will be – it was Gideon’s first Sunday to be able to sit through a large chunk of the worship service.
Most Sundays are spent in the lobby, in the church nursery, or at children’s Bible Hour. I was most inclined to take Gideon to Bible Hour so he could be enriched by seeing the children he’ll grow up around, singing and having fun while learning about God. Gideon loves watching them and hearing them sing.
But Easter Sunday, I was determined to spend as much time in the pew as possible. The secret to my success? Snacks. Gideon’s older cousin also sat next to him and fed him banana chips from the snack cup, which helped. Gideon adores his cousins. So, I let my boy stuff his face and he was able to last until the sermon began.
Once my one year old had enough of sitting in one place (I realize that asking a little boy to sit still and quiet for an hour is too much to ask), I took him down to the church nursery, and left him with the childcare staff which I hadn’t done before.
He did just fine, and was perfectly content and happy to see me when I came to get him after service.
Following church service, we went to my Daniel’s brother’s house for Easter Brunch. The weather was absolutely perfect. That Saturday we’d had a huge family reunion, and the out-of-towners who were still in town came to eat with us. It was a great time.
I’d also stuffed 24 easter eggs with yummy treats (berries and raisins), which I kept in the fridge until it was time to hide them in the yard. The kids had such a great time hunting for eggs, and then enjoyed some sweet treats.

Hunting for eggs is hard work!

Hunting for eggs is hard work!

Gideon also received his first Easter basket. At our home, I think we’re going to go with the tradition of “summer fun” themed baskets. This year that included a book, a swim diaper (which I ended up returning and ordered a cuter one online), a beach towel, egg shaped sidewalk chalk, gardening utensils, and bubbles. He also needed some sippy cups and socks, so I threw those in there. Daniel was between shifts on Sunday, so we waited to reveal his Easter basket until the following Monday. It was totally worth the wait!

Easter Basket 2014

Gideon’s Easter Basket

Easter basket was a hit!

Easter basket was a hit!

Gideon's Easter Basket

We look forward to many more years of Easters with our boy! We love you Gideon!



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