Snow, snow, Go Away

The day after my previous post, where I went on and on about the beautiful weather, brought some snow with it.

Snow in mid April.

Shocker, but not really. Temps and precipitation have been more erratic than ever before. Fortunately, temps rose above 32*, and by the end of the day only small remnants of snow were left on tree trunks and roof corners. It was quite the uneventful day, and I only got one picture.

Gideon always goes for the cheese first.

On Tuesday I spent my morning scrambling and getting caught up on housework that didn’t get done over the weekend. After a rushed lunch, Daniel’s mother came over to watch Gideon while we went on a double date with some dear friends we met through Daniel’s work. The guys’ crazy work schedules make opportunities to visit hard to come by. So when we get a day when we are all free, we pounce on it. We were meeting once a month consistently last year for a group Bible study with some more of Daniel’s co-workers and their families, but things have since gotten busier. Hopefully we can get back into meeting monthly at least.

Yesterday was errand day, so while Daniel slept in preparation for an overnight shift, Gideon and I headed out the door. There is an outdoor shopping center that has a lot of the stores I frequent right next to each other. It makes running errands so convenient. I strapped Gideon in the Ergo, and it was so easy to get everything done. We’d go into one store, get what we needed, drop off the bags at the car, and head to the next place on our list. A trip to Whole Foods wrapped up our busy afternoon, and Gideon rode in the shopping cart. I usually can distract him from wanting food that I put in the cart, but yesterday he was determined to eat. He sneaked some grapes out of the bag while I wasn’t looking, and would grab one of the slabs of cheese next to him and sign “eat” and “please”. He is so irresistible, and I think it’s going to get me in trouble one of these days. Gideon is also becoming more and more social every day. He waved and smiled at everyone he saw, and made tons of friends in the process. Everyone comments on what a happy baby he is. He makes us proud!

While I was making dinner the other night, I heard Gideon pushing his dump truck around the house, and got a picture of all the things he was piling into it. He was essentially making the rounds, and collecting everything he found on the ground.

legos, a pacifier cover, a spoon, a domino, a pair of sandals.
our little carnivore and herbivore, with broccoli in one hand – a drumstick in the other.

I know I post pictures of him eating all the time, and I’m sorry if they get repetitive. Daniel and I treasure family meal time, and appreciate so much that Gideon is a great eater. One of the purposes of this blog is to serve as a logbook for Daniel and I to look back on and not miss a thing. The same goes for the videos I attach. It’s not a fancy blog; but it’s exactly what will make all the work of writing and filming and photographing worth it in the years to come.

Today was our usual mommy bible study day, and that was great as it always is. Then we stopped by Target to pick up a few things. The weather really warmed up this afternoon, so we decided to get out in it. First Gideon practiced his walking, then I started pulling some dried vines from around a little plant I planted years ago. Once I pull one weed, I can’t stop there. So I broke in my new gardening gloves and didn’t even take the time to change out of my jeans and favorite pair of flats.

Vinca has taken over a big chunk of the front of our house, and we’ve had enough of it. I was able to dig up on the main root sources, and I’ll get to the other two some other time.


Gardening in my moccasins.

Here are a few clips from our afternoon:



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