Walking on Sunshine

The last few days have been amazing. The weather has been perfect, it’s been sunny, and we’ve tried to spend as much time outside as possible. Friday was busy, we went to our lawyer’s office to sign our will, and then I went to run some errands while Daniel took Gideon home for his afternoon nap. As soon as I got home Daniel left to watch a Reds game with a friend who had scored some Diamond Club seats. I got to watch a game from the diamond seats a few years ago, so I knew what Daniel was in for. I’m so glad he got to experience it.

Daniel took Gideon biking while I worked a few hours Saturday, and they rode 9.5 miles!



After a quick dinner and showers, we joined our family for some ice cream. Daniel treated himself to some buckeye flavored ice cream, and I chose some dark chocolate gelato. It was messy and heavenly.


my gorgeous nieces in their bike trailer.



Gideon refused his afternoon nap on Sunday afternoon, so instead of feeling frustrated and unproductive in the house, we joined Daniel who was mowing the lawn outside, and spent several hours playing in the grass and practicing our walking. It was the first of many pleasant afternoons spent outside. Gideon and I snacked on oranges, watched cars, and pointed at Daniel every time he would ride by on his zero turn. Then it was time to get some exercise. I took Gideon to the driveway thinking he’s do a few lapse around it with his push wagon, and call it quits. No, no. Gideon had other ideas. My determined, persistent little boy walked for half an hour back and forth. He didn’t even let his new sandals that cut into his feet a little stop him. I don’t know how many times he would take a little tumble and I’d ask him “all done?”, and he would get right back up and keep on trekking. That’s my boy! We’re so proud of him!


He’s a champion walker!!


relaxing in the shade after some exercise and mowing.


You need your glasses, papi.

Gideon refused his afternoon nap yet again today, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Surely he’s not giving it up all together! He’s not even 15 months old yet! I’ll have to experiment a little this week on timing and sleepy cues to see if there is any new pattern I’m not noticing. He gets a little fussier than usual at around 4:30 and requires a little more attention, but the good thing is he is absolutely ready to sleep at bedtime. You get some you lose some.

This coming week is jam packed and I’ll be busy prepping for a busy weekend ahead, but we’ll make the most of these new changes Gideon is leading us through and do our best to be flexible.


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