A Wonderful Spring Day

We got our day started with sunshine and perfect temperatures. We did our morning routine and played together. Gideon was especially talkative, so I took advantage and modeled all sorts of sound combinations for him. I even modeled some consonant sounds that are advanced for his age. He watched me so closely, and even made some attempts to imitate.

Gideon’s been fighting his usual 10 AM and 2 PM naps. So today I decided to read his cues, and see if he’s changing his nap schedule. Gideon played hard all morning, and suddenly at 10:30 he got fussy. I decided to follow his lead, and put him down for his morning nap. He went down without a complaint and slept for an hour and a half. Gideon’s smiles and great mood let me know he’d gotten the rest he needed. After lunch we played some more, and then we made a quick grocery store run. It made sense to time his afternoon nap for around 2:30, so I planned our outing around being home at that time.

As I pulled away from the store, a lady was waved at me and told me that my front tire was completely flat. Sure enough, it was. I was surprised that I hadn’t felt a pull or anything. It took Daniel a little while come rescue us, so we made the most of our wait. The windows were rolled down, and Gideon was content with his snack. I also got some adorable pictures.


what a good looking boy.



Gideon looks so different to me in this picture! I love how his hair falls onto his forehead now. It reminds me of a lead singer of a rock band or something.

Although we didn’t mind waiting for the spare tire, it threw a wrench in Gideon’s nap schedule. By the time we got home the window of nap opportunity had closed, and Gideon was not having it. So Daniel strapped him in the carseat and they went on their first bike trail ride at a park nearby.

Daniel sent me this picture this afternoon. The boys rode their first trail today.

Daniel sent me this picture this afternoon. The boys rode their first trail today.

When they got home they were both beaming. Gideon was thrilled, and bounced in my arms the whole time Daniel told me what they’d done and seen. He knew Daniel was talking about their adventures, and wanted to express his excitement.


We can always count on Gideon’s appetite!


Gideon and Daniel have shared this little head but since I can remember. I love it when they do it.

After dinner I speed cleaned the kitchen, and then we went for a walk.



Gideon LOVES being outside.

To wrap up a wonderful day, I gave Gideon his beloved bath and then we did our bedtime routine. Gideon curled up and went to sleep the instant I laid him down.

My knee has been acting up a lot since I fell last Monday, so I’m going to take it easy the rest of the night. I think some leg elevation, ice and e-stim will be good.




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