Buy Buy Baby Bottles

Yesterday Gideon and I spent the day at home playing and doing things around the house. As uneventful as it sounds, it was actually pretty jam packed. Gideon has added the kitchen trash can to his list of things to obsess about, and we now have to keep a constant eye on what enters it. Here is an example of what Gideon got the urge to throw away. He sees Daniel and I throw things in it all the time, so I’m assuming he thinks to himself “why not?”.



One of the things I got accomplished yesterday was clearing out all of the infant feeding items that cluttered some of our cabinet space and counter tops.


buy buy baby bottles

It felt strange to get rid of these things, but at the same time I’m so proud of him. He has been able to wean off of bottles really well. He’s down to one bottle before bed, and  now gets all of his day time fluids via sippy cup. If he wakes up thirsty at night we’ll let him drink water from a zippy cup as well. In related news, I’ve decided to veer him away from dairy milk, and have started to introduce a mixture of almond and coconut milk. I already knew he likes almond milk since that’s what I drink, and he’s taken it before without complaint. I wasn’t so sure about how he’d receive coconut milk. So far, so good. Since he’s prone to getting ear infections and bad diaper rashes it’s best to keep him away from things that might trigger an issue in either of those issues. My plan is to keep him on almond and coconut milk at least through potty training, and then re-evaluate.  At any rate, the amount of protein and calcium he is getting now cannot be beat. What with arthritis and osteoporosis being in my family history, it’s so important to us that Gideon grows strong and healthy starting now.

At around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, Daniel took Gideon for a walk to get some fresh air while I got dinner started. Daniel got to work on placing some child safety locks on the doors to our living room furniture.


I had to capture this because it looked to me like Gideon was it imitating Daniel reading manuals. Gideon has started “reading to himself”, and it was adorable to see how he wanted to help Daniel.

Gideon has been sleeping really well. He generally sleeps through the night, but inconsistently wakes up once at around 3 pr 4 A.M. We’ll see how tonight goes!



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