Spring is here!

Spring is here! We have not had snow in over a week, and the grass is bright green. The trees are starting to bud, and car windows are rolled down. Spring is here, and I welcome it!


Blue skies, budding trees and green grass. A sight for sore eyes!

This past winter was rough. It was the longest I’ve experienced, the coldest, and the most isolating. Poor Gideon doesn’t know what to do with himself when a cool breeze hits his face. He looks around wide eyed and points at everything and nothing. He’s constantly pointing at the sky. He’s probably shocked that it’s bright blue!

This spring is going to be the best of my life. Even though Gideon has already experienced a full year of weather, this is his first year he’ll really appreciate the simple things. On my birthday I took him to our front yard to play, and Gideon got to touch and crawl on the grass for the first time in his life. He also ate his first mouthful of dirt. Gideon loves to sit on our driveway and just watch cars drive by. He waves at them, points at them, and one time the FedEx truck driver even honked at him. Gideon was beside himself with excitement. 


On this particular morning, Gideon picked one of his library books. He loves for us to read this to him, and see us make the same faces the babies are making. He thinks it’s hilarious. I’m just anticipating when he starts to imitate.


My little chef.

Gideon loves to be in the kitchen when I cook. So until we build his little helper tower, he sits and listens to me narrate what I’m doing while munching on some snacks. He’ll occasionally mix pretend ingredients for me. He loves whisking. I can’t wait for him to be able to stand unassisted, so he can get more involved in meal preparation.


Gideon’s latest thing is pointing. He is so fascinated by the world around him, and we’re loving it. He wants to know what everything is and we’re so excited to teach him! I know I say this all the time, but this age is my favorite. Gideon is just exploding with new skills, and it makes life more fun than ever.


Gideon and I at the end of a very exciting day. His first Findlay Market Reds Opening Day Parade.

This past Monday I packed a backpack with everything Gideon would ever need for a day out, and we met my mother and sister-in-law with her kids to catch a bus for downtown. It was Reds Opening Day Parade day, and we were excited to share in the cultural celebration. Gideon spent 90% of the day in the Ergo, and he did so fantastic. I second guessed myself the whole way to the parade for not bringing an umbrella stroller, but Gideon again proved that he is just one outstanding baby.

One important thing to journal is that this was the day Gideon got to ride his first city bus. One of his favorite songs of all time is “The Wheels on the Bus”, and so as to ensure his first ride went smoothly, I sang this song to him. He was awestruck and I could just see the wheels turning. “Dude, this is a REAL bus!”. Gideon made himself right at home, was soothed by the “bumpety bump”, and slept the whole way downtown. He even continued to sleep when we got off and made our way through the crowds to meet Daniel’s brother who took a half day off of work to celebrate with us.

Poor Gideon had a very rude awakening from his peaceful nap in the Ergo, when I took a pretty big stumble off a curb and fell flat on my face. I landed on my left knee with my full weight – and his extra 25 lb. – and could only yell “My baby! Check my baby’s head!”. I had tried to inch my hand between the pavement and his head, but didn’t quite make it. I was frozen with fear that he had hit his head full force on the concrete. I pictured the worst for a few seconds until some one in the crowd reassured me that his head was fine. Fortunately, a family friend was there who is a firefighter and confirmed that nothing seemed be wrong with Gideon’s head.

Long story short, Gideon was fine but very shaken up and scared. I banged my knee up pretty good, but was able to limp my way around the rest of the day. After getting myself back together, and readjusting the Ergo, I strapped him back in and we were able to enjoy the parade without any more issues. Gideon didn’t seem to the mind the loud noises at all, and just relaxed with his head on my chest the whole time. I’m not sure if he was indifferent to it all, or if the fall made him want to be close, but I soaked in the snuggles.

After a delicious lunch, we headed to the bus stop. Our bus took a while to arrive, so we sat on the benches and visited. Before I knew it, Gideon was fast asleep again, and didn’t wake up until we got to our car.


Gideon in Sunday School sitting in a big boy chair! Yay for graduating the bouncer!

And before I turn out the lights for the night, a video of Gideon’s first bike ride!


2 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. It is so nice to read about Gideon, Iam so glad spring has sprung in Cincy, so you and your family can explore the new birth of the season together. love and miss all of you KG


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