Look Who’s Walking Now!

Gideon continues to surprise us and make our lives more and more fun with each passing day. I couldn’t go to bed without alerting the world that Gideon is officially walking!
I worked a long day today. Daniel took Gideon biking with a friend and his daughter. They rode 8 miles and had a great time. The rest of their day was spent practicing walking. I was too excited by the sight of Gideon walking to me when I got home to be upset that – of all days – he picked the one day I was away to master this MAJOR skill.
He’s had trouble sleeping in the past when he’s working on or mastering a skill, so we’ll see what tonight brings. He’s been sleeping straight through the night without even waking for a drink of water. Here’s to hoping he’s tuckered himself out!


Snow, snow, Go Away

The day after my previous post, where I went on and on about the beautiful weather, brought some snow with it.

Snow in mid April.

Shocker, but not really. Temps and precipitation have been more erratic than ever before. Fortunately, temps rose above 32*, and by the end of the day only small remnants of snow were left on tree trunks and roof corners. It was quite the uneventful day, and I only got one picture.

Gideon always goes for the cheese first.

On Tuesday I spent my morning scrambling and getting caught up on housework that didn’t get done over the weekend. After a rushed lunch, Daniel’s mother came over to watch Gideon while we went on a double date with some dear friends we met through Daniel’s work. The guys’ crazy work schedules make opportunities to visit hard to come by. So when we get a day when we are all free, we pounce on it. We were meeting once a month consistently last year for a group Bible study with some more of Daniel’s co-workers and their families, but things have since gotten busier. Hopefully we can get back into meeting monthly at least.

Yesterday was errand day, so while Daniel slept in preparation for an overnight shift, Gideon and I headed out the door. There is an outdoor shopping center that has a lot of the stores I frequent right next to each other. It makes running errands so convenient. I strapped Gideon in the Ergo, and it was so easy to get everything done. We’d go into one store, get what we needed, drop off the bags at the car, and head to the next place on our list. A trip to Whole Foods wrapped up our busy afternoon, and Gideon rode in the shopping cart. I usually can distract him from wanting food that I put in the cart, but yesterday he was determined to eat. He sneaked some grapes out of the bag while I wasn’t looking, and would grab one of the slabs of cheese next to him and sign “eat” and “please”. He is so irresistible, and I think it’s going to get me in trouble one of these days. Gideon is also becoming more and more social every day. He waved and smiled at everyone he saw, and made tons of friends in the process. Everyone comments on what a happy baby he is. He makes us proud!

While I was making dinner the other night, I heard Gideon pushing his dump truck around the house, and got a picture of all the things he was piling into it. He was essentially making the rounds, and collecting everything he found on the ground.

legos, a pacifier cover, a spoon, a domino, a pair of sandals.
our little carnivore and herbivore, with broccoli in one hand – a drumstick in the other.

I know I post pictures of him eating all the time, and I’m sorry if they get repetitive. Daniel and I treasure family meal time, and appreciate so much that Gideon is a great eater. One of the purposes of this blog is to serve as a logbook for Daniel and I to look back on and not miss a thing. The same goes for the videos I attach. It’s not a fancy blog; but it’s exactly what will make all the work of writing and filming and photographing worth it in the years to come.

Today was our usual mommy bible study day, and that was great as it always is. Then we stopped by Target to pick up a few things. The weather really warmed up this afternoon, so we decided to get out in it. First Gideon practiced his walking, then I started pulling some dried vines from around a little plant I planted years ago. Once I pull one weed, I can’t stop there. So I broke in my new gardening gloves and didn’t even take the time to change out of my jeans and favorite pair of flats.

Vinca has taken over a big chunk of the front of our house, and we’ve had enough of it. I was able to dig up on the main root sources, and I’ll get to the other two some other time.


Gardening in my moccasins.

Here are a few clips from our afternoon:

Walking on Sunshine

The last few days have been amazing. The weather has been perfect, it’s been sunny, and we’ve tried to spend as much time outside as possible. Friday was busy, we went to our lawyer’s office to sign our will, and then I went to run some errands while Daniel took Gideon home for his afternoon nap. As soon as I got home Daniel left to watch a Reds game with a friend who had scored some Diamond Club seats. I got to watch a game from the diamond seats a few years ago, so I knew what Daniel was in for. I’m so glad he got to experience it.

Daniel took Gideon biking while I worked a few hours Saturday, and they rode 9.5 miles!



After a quick dinner and showers, we joined our family for some ice cream. Daniel treated himself to some buckeye flavored ice cream, and I chose some dark chocolate gelato. It was messy and heavenly.

my gorgeous nieces in their bike trailer.



Gideon refused his afternoon nap on Sunday afternoon, so instead of feeling frustrated and unproductive in the house, we joined Daniel who was mowing the lawn outside, and spent several hours playing in the grass and practicing our walking. It was the first of many pleasant afternoons spent outside. Gideon and I snacked on oranges, watched cars, and pointed at Daniel every time he would ride by on his zero turn. Then it was time to get some exercise. I took Gideon to the driveway thinking he’s do a few lapse around it with his push wagon, and call it quits. No, no. Gideon had other ideas. My determined, persistent little boy walked for half an hour back and forth. He didn’t even let his new sandals that cut into his feet a little stop him. I don’t know how many times he would take a little tumble and I’d ask him “all done?”, and he would get right back up and keep on trekking. That’s my boy! We’re so proud of him!

He’s a champion walker!!
relaxing in the shade after some exercise and mowing.
You need your glasses, papi.

Gideon refused his afternoon nap yet again today, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Surely he’s not giving it up all together! He’s not even 15 months old yet! I’ll have to experiment a little this week on timing and sleepy cues to see if there is any new pattern I’m not noticing. He gets a little fussier than usual at around 4:30 and requires a little more attention, but the good thing is he is absolutely ready to sleep at bedtime. You get some you lose some.

This coming week is jam packed and I’ll be busy prepping for a busy weekend ahead, but we’ll make the most of these new changes Gideon is leading us through and do our best to be flexible.

A Wonderful Spring Day

We got our day started with sunshine and perfect temperatures. We did our morning routine and played together. Gideon was especially talkative, so I took advantage and modeled all sorts of sound combinations for him. I even modeled some consonant sounds that are advanced for his age. He watched me so closely, and even made some attempts to imitate.

Gideon’s been fighting his usual 10 AM and 2 PM naps. So today I decided to read his cues, and see if he’s changing his nap schedule. Gideon played hard all morning, and suddenly at 10:30 he got fussy. I decided to follow his lead, and put him down for his morning nap. He went down without a complaint and slept for an hour and a half. Gideon’s smiles and great mood let me know he’d gotten the rest he needed. After lunch we played some more, and then we made a quick grocery store run. It made sense to time his afternoon nap for around 2:30, so I planned our outing around being home at that time.

As I pulled away from the store, a lady was waved at me and told me that my front tire was completely flat. Sure enough, it was. I was surprised that I hadn’t felt a pull or anything. It took Daniel a little while come rescue us, so we made the most of our wait. The windows were rolled down, and Gideon was content with his snack. I also got some adorable pictures.

what a good looking boy.


Gideon looks so different to me in this picture! I love how his hair falls onto his forehead now. It reminds me of a lead singer of a rock band or something.

Although we didn’t mind waiting for the spare tire, it threw a wrench in Gideon’s nap schedule. By the time we got home the window of nap opportunity had closed, and Gideon was not having it. So Daniel strapped him in the carseat and they went on their first bike trail ride at a park nearby.

Daniel sent me this picture this afternoon. The boys rode their first trail today.
Daniel sent me this picture this afternoon. The boys rode their first trail today.

When they got home they were both beaming. Gideon was thrilled, and bounced in my arms the whole time Daniel told me what they’d done and seen. He knew Daniel was talking about their adventures, and wanted to express his excitement.

We can always count on Gideon’s appetite!
Gideon and Daniel have shared this little head but since I can remember. I love it when they do it.

After dinner I speed cleaned the kitchen, and then we went for a walk.


Gideon LOVES being outside.

To wrap up a wonderful day, I gave Gideon his beloved bath and then we did our bedtime routine. Gideon curled up and went to sleep the instant I laid him down.

My knee has been acting up a lot since I fell last Monday, so I’m going to take it easy the rest of the night. I think some leg elevation, ice and e-stim will be good.


Buy Buy Baby Bottles

Yesterday Gideon and I spent the day at home playing and doing things around the house. As uneventful as it sounds, it was actually pretty jam packed. Gideon has added the kitchen trash can to his list of things to obsess about, and we now have to keep a constant eye on what enters it. Here is an example of what Gideon got the urge to throw away. He sees Daniel and I throw things in it all the time, so I’m assuming he thinks to himself “why not?”.



One of the things I got accomplished yesterday was clearing out all of the infant feeding items that cluttered some of our cabinet space and counter tops.

buy buy baby bottles

It felt strange to get rid of these things, but at the same time I’m so proud of him. He has been able to wean off of bottles really well. He’s down to one bottle before bed, and  now gets all of his day time fluids via sippy cup. If he wakes up thirsty at night we’ll let him drink water from a zippy cup as well. In related news, I’ve decided to veer him away from dairy milk, and have started to introduce a mixture of almond and coconut milk. I already knew he likes almond milk since that’s what I drink, and he’s taken it before without complaint. I wasn’t so sure about how he’d receive coconut milk. So far, so good. Since he’s prone to getting ear infections and bad diaper rashes it’s best to keep him away from things that might trigger an issue in either of those issues. My plan is to keep him on almond and coconut milk at least through potty training, and then re-evaluate.  At any rate, the amount of protein and calcium he is getting now cannot be beat. What with arthritis and osteoporosis being in my family history, it’s so important to us that Gideon grows strong and healthy starting now.

At around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, Daniel took Gideon for a walk to get some fresh air while I got dinner started. Daniel got to work on placing some child safety locks on the doors to our living room furniture.

I had to capture this because it looked to me like Gideon was it imitating Daniel reading manuals. Gideon has started “reading to himself”, and it was adorable to see how he wanted to help Daniel.

Gideon has been sleeping really well. He generally sleeps through the night, but inconsistently wakes up once at around 3 pr 4 A.M. We’ll see how tonight goes!

Spring is here!

Spring is here! We have not had snow in over a week, and the grass is bright green. The trees are starting to bud, and car windows are rolled down. Spring is here, and I welcome it!

Blue skies, budding trees and green grass. A sight for sore eyes!

This past winter was rough. It was the longest I’ve experienced, the coldest, and the most isolating. Poor Gideon doesn’t know what to do with himself when a cool breeze hits his face. He looks around wide eyed and points at everything and nothing. He’s constantly pointing at the sky. He’s probably shocked that it’s bright blue!

This spring is going to be the best of my life. Even though Gideon has already experienced a full year of weather, this is his first year he’ll really appreciate the simple things. On my birthday I took him to our front yard to play, and Gideon got to touch and crawl on the grass for the first time in his life. He also ate his first mouthful of dirt. Gideon loves to sit on our driveway and just watch cars drive by. He waves at them, points at them, and one time the FedEx truck driver even honked at him. Gideon was beside himself with excitement. 

On this particular morning, Gideon picked one of his library books. He loves for us to read this to him, and see us make the same faces the babies are making. He thinks it’s hilarious. I’m just anticipating when he starts to imitate.
My little chef.

Gideon loves to be in the kitchen when I cook. So until we build his little helper tower, he sits and listens to me narrate what I’m doing while munching on some snacks. He’ll occasionally mix pretend ingredients for me. He loves whisking. I can’t wait for him to be able to stand unassisted, so he can get more involved in meal preparation.


Gideon’s latest thing is pointing. He is so fascinated by the world around him, and we’re loving it. He wants to know what everything is and we’re so excited to teach him! I know I say this all the time, but this age is my favorite. Gideon is just exploding with new skills, and it makes life more fun than ever.

Gideon and I at the end of a very exciting day. His first Findlay Market Reds Opening Day Parade.

This past Monday I packed a backpack with everything Gideon would ever need for a day out, and we met my mother and sister-in-law with her kids to catch a bus for downtown. It was Reds Opening Day Parade day, and we were excited to share in the cultural celebration. Gideon spent 90% of the day in the Ergo, and he did so fantastic. I second guessed myself the whole way to the parade for not bringing an umbrella stroller, but Gideon again proved that he is just one outstanding baby.

One important thing to journal is that this was the day Gideon got to ride his first city bus. One of his favorite songs of all time is “The Wheels on the Bus”, and so as to ensure his first ride went smoothly, I sang this song to him. He was awestruck and I could just see the wheels turning. “Dude, this is a REAL bus!”. Gideon made himself right at home, was soothed by the “bumpety bump”, and slept the whole way downtown. He even continued to sleep when we got off and made our way through the crowds to meet Daniel’s brother who took a half day off of work to celebrate with us.

Poor Gideon had a very rude awakening from his peaceful nap in the Ergo, when I took a pretty big stumble off a curb and fell flat on my face. I landed on my left knee with my full weight – and his extra 25 lb. – and could only yell “My baby! Check my baby’s head!”. I had tried to inch my hand between the pavement and his head, but didn’t quite make it. I was frozen with fear that he had hit his head full force on the concrete. I pictured the worst for a few seconds until some one in the crowd reassured me that his head was fine. Fortunately, a family friend was there who is a firefighter and confirmed that nothing seemed be wrong with Gideon’s head.

Long story short, Gideon was fine but very shaken up and scared. I banged my knee up pretty good, but was able to limp my way around the rest of the day. After getting myself back together, and readjusting the Ergo, I strapped him back in and we were able to enjoy the parade without any more issues. Gideon didn’t seem to the mind the loud noises at all, and just relaxed with his head on my chest the whole time. I’m not sure if he was indifferent to it all, or if the fall made him want to be close, but I soaked in the snuggles.

After a delicious lunch, we headed to the bus stop. Our bus took a while to arrive, so we sat on the benches and visited. Before I knew it, Gideon was fast asleep again, and didn’t wake up until we got to our car.

Gideon in Sunday School sitting in a big boy chair! Yay for graduating the bouncer!

And before I turn out the lights for the night, a video of Gideon’s first bike ride!