Stop The Mommy Wars

The night before last, Gideon slept like an angel. Last night was another story. Gideon and I were up most of the night. His ear was bothering him, plus I think he’s cutting another tooth. I may or may not have drawn a tear or two just out of exhaustion and wanting to sleep so badly. My patience began waning at one point, but I reminded myself that Gideon was just as tired and sleep deprived as I was. He obviously did not enjoy being awake when he should be sleeping. We were in the thick of it, but we were there together. This morning I brought Gideon to the couch to give him his morning bottle, and we shared about 30 minutes of snuggling and singing songs. It was a great boost to my weakened morale, and I had a really productive day. I’m hoping for smooth sailing tonight! This mama could use a good night sleep. Couldn’t we all?

One of the reasons I love blogging is because I get to express my views and feelings openly. Blogging also gives me an opportunity to make sense out of my [often times overdeveloped] thoughts. Plus, it’s just a good way of journaling the way my mentality changes and evolves with experience and learning. I’m sure if I read some things I wrote three years ago, I’d hardly recognize myself.

That said, I came across an article called “Stop the Mommy Wars: Empowering Photo Series” a while back. It really resonated with me, so I thought I’d share what the article talks about and how it impacts me on a personal level.

Each photo in the series portrays two mothers holding posters that express their opposing views on everything from nutrition, to sleep training, to diapering. The bottom line of the whole project can be summed up in this picture. same end, different means

Moms come from different walks of life, different backgrounds. Moms come at parenting from many different angles. Moms approach their roles as mothers in so many different ways – countless means to reach a common end.

As a courtesy to those around me, I make it a point to avoid ranting or talking about “the issues” in conversation unless asked. I can be a little bit of a chatter box, so it takes being very intentional about editing myself and confirming I have valid good reasons to speak. I’ve also always been extremely interested in other people. Why they do what they do. How they do what they do. Where do they come from. Where are they going. People are fascinating to me.

When it comes to the topic of mommy wars, I am happy to report that – while I’ve dealt with the full gamete of reactions to the way I do things – I am generally surrounded by moms who are, at the very least, respectful of my views. They may lose interest in what I have to say 5 words in when I answer a question, but that’s ok. I don’t take it personally. Not everyone is interested in the same things that interest me. God knows why he made people so completely different from each other. It keeps things interesting!

So as moms, let’s move the focus away from the need to express what we think, how we feel, and proving everyone else wrong. Let’s take a vested interest in what other moms have to say. We may disagree, we may have heard it a hundred times before, we may think to ourselves “that would never work for me!”. But we are all moms who love our children, so let’s support each other as fellow students of children. Our Creator wouldn’t have it any other way!

The world will keep going round, whether or not we homeschool. The sun will keep rising and setting, whether or not we spank. So let’s enjoy our nights and days, encourage each other through our lives as mothers, and raise some happy, healthy children!

What are some things you think keep moms in our culture from bonding?


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