March So Far

It’s been almost 3 weeks since Gideon turned one, so I figured it was about time I wrote something on my blog. The card reader on my laptop is not working, and my camera’s USB cable is nowhere to be found. That’s the main reason this blog has not seen a lot of action lately. I probably could have been posting daily updates just with the pictures from my iPod, but:

1. I like writing things in order, and skipping Gideon’s first birthday is a big thing to leave behind.

2. The truth is, life has been quite eventful and I’m worn out by the end of the day.

A few highlights from this month include:

~ Gideon and I have started attending weekly story time on Monday mornings at a nearby library, and we absolutely love it. The lady who leads the group loves what she does, and her enthusiasm is contagious with the babies. The library opens early for toddler story time, and we get special access to the children’s section before opening hours. We are loving picking out a few books each week!

~ Work has been going really well. I’m still sticking to a total of 7-9 hours a week. It’s just enough to keep me interested, not enough to make me feel like I’m evading my passion for being a homemaker and mom. Besides, Gideon only stays with Daniel while I’m at work. This means I get frequent picture updates that keep me positive.

~ March has been the official month for beginning my “mommy makeover”. With the help of some super gracious and stylish friends, I have found myself liking and wearing things I never thought I’d like or wear.

brunch and mimosas with dear friends.

brunch and mimosas with some fantastic young women. I love them so much.

I am completely motivated to start taking better care of myself. The root of this change of heart and soul and mind? I want to enjoy my beautiful life with my hunky husband, precious baby boy, and wonderful friends and family! I know from experience that I enjoy life at a whole different level when I feel comfortable in my own skin. So, I want to feel comfortable in my own skin!

~ In that same vein, I purchased my first pair of size 4 jeans since I can remember.
~ They were black skinnies. Like I said, March has been eventful.

~ I got to watch a wonderful theatrical production of Pride and Prejudice with some wonderful friends. After the play was over, a very creative and romantic man decided to propose to the love of his life in front of everyone! What a night!

Pride and Prejudice with friends!

Pride and Prejudice with friends!

~ My 31st birthday was the most special yet. I turned 30 as a mother, but I don’t even remember it. This year, Daniel made me a cheat dinner of spaghetti with meat sauce, and a wheat free chocolate cake, complete with his own adapted chocolate mousse icing infused with raspberries.

This guy really knows his way to my heart.

This guy really knows his way to my heart.

The whole meal was a hit, and everyone absolutely loved the cake. We had family over, and spent the night visiting and enjoying the little cousins. It was perfect.

~Enough of me. Gideon had his 12 month check-up. My sweet baby is a whopping 24 lb., in the 98th percentile for weight, 99th for height. I can’t say I found that too surprising. I get comments all the time when I’m carrying or wearing him, about how he is going to be as tall as I am by the time he gets to kindergarten. Plus, Gideon has been a bottomless pit for a stomach.

~ His weight and height has not really interfered with our baby wearing lifestyle. He loves being in a carrier, I love wearing him, and I’m going to enjoy the fact that he still wants to snuggle and be close to me for as long as I can.

Gideon in the Ergo while we were in line to get Chipotle. Our first mother/son lunch out.

Gideon in the Ergo while we were in line to get Chipotle. Our first mother/son lunch out.

~ We finally sat down and planned our will. It’s currently being written, and we are both at peace knowing Gideon is taken care of if something happens to us.

~ Gideon got the 24 hour stomach bug that everyone and their dog seems to have right now. He started “spitting up” dinner on Saturday night, and didn’t keep anything but small sips of water down through Sunday night. Gideon got over the vomiting, but his fever didn’t let up. It lasted from Saturday night until yesterday night. We are not afraid of fevers, and believe it’s the best way for Gideon to have a stronger body as he gets older. Daniel and I decided to take the 24 hour approach that says to give baby a fever reducer if a fever of 102*+ persists for more than 24 hours. Gideon’s fever ranged anywhere from 100.3* to 102.5* at the highest. But it was never at 102* or above for more than an hour or two at a time. While his body fought the hardest, we watched Gideon like a hawk and made sure he was staying hydrated. Gideon would have a spurt when he would want to play and read books, and at other times he just wanted to cuddle with us and/or sleep with us. At any rate, we were able to provide the comfort he wanted and needed ourselves most of the week.

Sick days, getting our snuggles in.

Sick days, getting our snuggles in.

On Wednesday night our poor little guy had his first rough night for sleep. Nothing Daniel or I did helped him rest better. We didn’t know if he had a headache or if his body ached, and comfort measures became necessary. After getting a dose of infant Advil, Gideon fell fast asleep and slept through the night. On Thursday we decided to take him to his pediatrician’s office because we wanted to make sure that everything was being taken care of in his little body. The nurse practitioner found some otitis media in Gideon’s right ear that had moved to his eyes. Now, I would usually turn down the antibiotic prescription and use garlic oil to clear his ears. It’s what I’ve used other times when he had a little ear infection, and it’s worked perfectly. But what with the infection being a little more substantial than usual, we decided to take the course of antibiotics. He received his first dose on Wednesday night, and by Thursday morning he was already looking and acting more like himself.

~ I was so relieved to find that his fever broke today! My baby is on the mend! To celebrate, we took advantage of the near 60* weather, and we went for our first fast walk. I want Gideon to have a fun, active mom and that means keeping him involved in my workouts.

Phew! Now that I’m somewhat caught up (Gideon’s birthday entry TBD), I think I can get back on this blogging bandwagon.

Good to be back.




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