Gideon is 11 Months Old!

Gideon is now 11 months and 5 days old! I have been a major slacker at blogging this week. This past weekend I had a headache that didn’t let up. Earlier this week Daniel was home at night, so blogging was not on my radar. The other night Picaboo was having a major sale on photo books, so I made two of them. Life has been busy, and so has Gideon! He is reaching so many milestones, and so many things are clicking in his brain. It’s so hard for me to keep up! So here’s cutting to the chase:

He is meeting most of the milestones for a “typical” 11 month old. He is standing and cruising using furniture and other stationary objects to get around. He is starting to stand for a few seconds without support, and shows more and more interest in walking every day.
As long as Daniel or I are near and/or holding him, he has become a lot less fearful and anxious around strangers. Today at the grocery store, he would smile at everyone who acknowledged him and tried to interact with him. It takes him some time to warm up to new situations, and people but he is very adaptable. We are beginning to leave him in the nursery during sermons on Sunday occasionally, and he did great this past weekend.
Gideon definitely puts forth a lot of effort to express what his wants and needs are, and loves making his own decisions. He reaches, looks and vocalizes towards the object he wants. Our next big step will be working on getting him to sign to us that his diaper is dirty. Process of elimination, fussiness, and sense of smell are the only resources we have right now to let us know he’s ready to have his diaper changed.
He doesn’t have any consistent word to name us with yet. He does say “ah-dah” when he’s done eating, and the last day or two he repeats “sah” when I put his socks on.
I’m trying to be intentional with narrating what is going on or what we are doing any given moment. “Mommy’s putting your diaper on”, “Time to eat”, “These are your feet (holding his feet). We put socks on your feet.” You get the idea.
So far, the main types of play Gideon engages in are independent play and child led play. He spend about an hour a day total playing on his own, and it’s fascinating to observe. Most of the day is spent with Daniel or I interacting with him, and following his lead during play. If he’s playing with a car, we model how to play with it, if he’s playing with his legos we show him how to stack them. Up until a week ago, he was all about taking things out. Just the other night while putting away laundry in his room, he all of a sudden started putting clothes into laundry basket! I was so thrilled and caught it all on video.

My spanish speaking with Gideon has decreased from 50% of the time to 35-40%. I think about it at the end of every day, and I always regret not having talked to him more in Spanish. Tomorrow is a new day, and español is the word!

Gideon’s current likes:

– his pacifier

– turning the lights on and off when we leave or enter a room

– bath time

– our car keys

– bananas

– meat of any kind

– blueberries

– whole milk! We introduced it this week mixed with his formula, and he is loving i!

– balloons

Gideon’s Current Dislikes:

– getting his diaper changed (80% of the time)

– getting buckled into his carseat (he does fine once he’s all settle in)

– having to wait on second or third servings during meals

– having to wait on his milk once he’s asked for it

This week Gideon is struggling with some chest and nasal congestion. He has a stubborn gunky cough that will not go away, and now his nasal secretions are also gunky and not clear (I’m trying to avoid being too graphic). I propped two pillows under his mattress to raise his head a little, and I’ve got the humidifier going with eucalyptus oil. He’s been getting echinacea daily. We’ll see how this “cold” progresses. Gideon already woke up once because his nose was stuffy and he asked for milk. He had no trouble getting back to sleep, but I have an inkling it’s going to be one of those nights. Here are some pictures and then I’m off to bed.


The cashier at Babies R Us gave Gideon a free balloon! It made his day.


Gideon and his cousins in Tower A of the train station. It was so cute how he stood on his tippy toes to watch the trains down below.


Love your more than ever, Gideon!



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