Making Connections

I know that Gideon is going to be 11 months tomorrow, but I need to get ahead of myself and say that this stage of his life so far has been our favorite. Daniel and I agree that Gideon has never been more fun to be around, or fascinating to observe.
He is making connections left and right, learning how to sequence different actions to achieve certain goals, and we are just so excited to see where Gideon will lead us next on this developmental ride. The more he grows and the more he learns, the more we realize that parenting is a skill that requires a lot of adaptation and flexibility.

Some of our most important roles as Gideon’s parents are to encourage him, teach him, love him, and help him learn to regulate his emotions. All of these roles are universal to all parents, but they look different from one day to the next, from one family unit to another.

Gideon is so methodical about what he focuses his attention on. One week he’ll be all about perfecting his gross motor skills, and when that is mastered to his satisfaction, he takes a break from that and focuses on his cognitive development. Gideon is such a great observer, and grasps new things so quickly!

I’ll go into more detail about all the little skills he is mastering tomorrow evening, but for now here is a short clip of Gideon mastering a very difficulty fine motor skill of using his fingers to push and pull on a small surface. Watch how he does it over and over. He is in the zone.

Project Simplify 365Purged Gideon’s room of some more 12 month clothing items that no longer fit him. He is now wearing mostly 18 month of everything!



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