Jordyn Is A Cutie Pie!

Today was another fun and busy day. I got to spend it with my boys, and that always makes me a happy camper.


We made the drive to Mommy Bible Study without realizing that it had been cancelled due to the poor road conditions, and impossible parking on the streets. But we made the best of our outing. We went to the bank and then took the long way home.


Gideon fell asleep halfway home for his morning nap, so we got Starbucks and then sat in the car playing with our new techie toys. I worked on finding a good meal planning app, and Daniel did his thing on his.

When we got home, Daniel attempted to transfer Gideon to the crib. I guess Gideon had slept just enough to not be pooped anymore, and woke up as soon as they got upstairs. We had leftovers for lunch. Surprise, surprise Gideon was a champ eater.


Gideon eating leftover zucchini pasta, chicken, and capers.

As soon as lunch was over, we started cleaning up because we were expecting a very honorable guest. A friend of ours who lives a few hours away needed to be in town for some meetings, and we jumped at the chance to watch her little 7 month old, Jordyn.

Gideon and his little friend hit it off, and it was a great afternoon. Jordyn loved playing and watching Daniel play his guitar. The toughest part for me, was that she did not take her bottle. My friend had warned me that Jordyn only took the bottle from her dad, but to hear her cry was so sad! Daniel even tried to feed Jordyn with her propped on his knees like her dad would, but she wasn’t having it. She missed her mama and was so upset that she couldn’t nurse. Poor baby. I loved rocking her and singing her to sleep, though. She’s such a little munchkin, and she felt so light in my arms! Jordyn was such a trooper though, and even took a good nap. It struck me how tiny she looks compared to Gideon! She was in such good spirits considering she went without eating for quite a while.

When our friend got back to pick Jordyn up, we shared a meal together and even got to visit for a while before it was time for them to head back home. We got to talk about the struggles and joys of being new moms, and it was a very uplifting visit.

It’s such a good feeling when I can end my day tired, but pleased with what I did, and who I spent my time with. Makes for a good day!



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