Gideon’s First: Big Tumble

Gideon is on the loose, and we need to step up the baby proofing. Kitchen cabinet doors are a new favorite of his, and unfortunately what is behind most of them is not appropriate for a 10 month old.

Gideon is not even a year old, and he’s already an adrenaline junky. He loves to “fly” and wrestle with his dad. He’s also shown us that he has no fear of what could potentially happen if he just let himself dive down the stairs. Daniel installed a gate at the top of the stairs because we know better than to think he’d get a fun rush by falling down them.

Early this morning, I had a lapse in judgement. We keep a gate that we move around the house as needed, and this morning I set it up in the doorway of Gideon’s bathroom because had some diapers to spray. By the time I had turned my back to Gideon, clicked the gate in place and turned back around, I saw Gideon fall head first down the stairs. He slid tummy down for a few steps, and then rolled on his side down the next 3. Thank God, we have a landing.

I don’t even remember what I said or did, but somehow I was at the landing and cupping Gideon’s face in my hands, apologizing profusely, and seeing if he was ok. Daniel, who had been asleep, was next to me in a nano-second. Gideon was scared and crying. I scooped him up in my arms gently and hugged him. It wasn’t two seconds later Gideon started kicking and smiling when he saw Daniel. I was so relieved to see that he was ok, and more afraid than anything else. After checking his body, all I saw was a little red mark by his left eye where it looks like he bumped himself. Other than that, he seemed to be just fine.

I had a hard time keeping it together, and Daniel was extremely nice to comfort me.

I know that Gideon will get injured along the way as he explores the world around him. I’ve already caught him eating cat food, and I am slowly learning to ease up on my need for disinfected and clean surfaces. But knowing he is going to get hurt doesn’t make me dread his future injuries and pain any less. It only took one second of me not looking, for Gideon to have a fall that could have caused some severe damage. That’s scary! I’m so grateful that he is ok.

Small babies and children are just so fragile. The idea that God entrusted me with the life of this precious little boy is still daunting to me. But I have to be careful about how I allow myself to react to things like what happened this morning. If I’m not careful, I can slam myself down so badly that I lose focus of the responsibilities God has given me. In the past, I may have beat myself up and felt so unsuited to be a mother. Now I see how that is not really a healthy or productive reaction.

Instead, I want to focus on making better choices in the future and be thankful that – while I am undeserving of such a wonderful little family – God sees who I am, the good and the bad, and still has faith I can do this thing of being a good wife, and a good mother to this hilarious little boy.

Gideon helps put away groceries

Gideon helps put away groceries

Curious GideonProject Simplify 365 : There is a leaky sippy cup that keeps taking up space in the kitchen cabinet. As of today, it’s gone bye bye.



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