Gideon is 10 Months Old

My baby is 10 months old. Where did the last 10 months go?

I have always heard mothers go on and on about how time has flown, and their babies are growing so fast. I never took it too terribly seriously. I just figured it was one of those things moms say.

Time has flown! My baby is growing so fast!

There. I said it. And I meant it! I’ve caught myself brainstorming ideas for Gideon’s first birthday party, and could not believe myself. Part of me feels like he just was born, and loves cradling him like a newborn. Another part of me feels like Gideon has always been in my life. I always wonder how I ever got along without him. Other than work, I’m not really sure what I did with my time.

I love every part of my day with him. Diaper changes are never just diaper changes. Most of the time they turn into play time. I let Gideon play in just a diaper, and I watch and admire him. I am obsessed with Gideon’s little body. I love his face, pouchy belly, chubby hands, and his adorable legs. On a whole other level, I am obsessed with his feet. For me, the saddest part of this winter season has been having to put socks on Gideon’s feet. I can’t see his little toes!

I am enjoying him more than I ever have, and I think it’s just going to get better. I can’t wait for him to walk, and start using words to communicate.

Gideon at 10 Months in Summary

Diet and Nutrition

Gideon Eats-A-Lot

  • He’s simply a great eater.
  • If he’s not careful, sometimes he’ll over-eat and then uh … eject… the excess
  • He loves drinking water, and we let him has his fill
  • He’s great with his sippy cup
  • He gets better at hand self-feeding every day
  • He’s eating pretty much whatever we eat now, except for things containing tomatoes
  • He loves meat. Chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, the works.
  • He loves peas, sweet potato, pears, bananas, mango, yogurt, any kind of squash
  • Gideon’s pediatrician told us at his 9 month checkup that she recommended we wean him from his night time feeding. He gets enough calories in the day to last him through the night. I’m having trouble deciding whether I’ll follow her recommendation or not. If it’s a matter of convenience, than sure. I would rather not make a bottle at 1 or 3 in the morning. But I don’t think this is a convenience issue. I think it comforts him to have a bottle when and if he wakes up at night. I imagine if he were breastfed, I would allow it. I would let him wean himself when he was good and ready. I might not offer to nurse, but if he requested it, I would do it. Is the bottle any different? I need to discuss it with Daniel a little more and get his input.

Cognition and Sleep

  • Gideon Studies His ShoesGideon surprises us every day with how smart he really is
  • He is learning how to play with cars appropriately. He has a big dump truck and tractor that he pushes around. He started pushing a fire truck around the church play room yesterday all on his own!
  • Gideon is still at the phase where he throws everything. Everything. Testing gravity perhaps?
  • He is getting more comfortable being held by people who are not Daniel or I. Gideon is very familiar with Daniel’s parents by now, and is warming up to our friends and church family. I think he is a great judge of character, and is learning who loves him.
  • We have realized that it is lesson-learning time. Gideon is mobile now, and experimenting where his limits are. Re-direction and avoiding temptation is the best way to keep him from doing certain things.
  • Gideon loves being chased. He goes nuts when we crawl after him.
  • When Gideon got sick, he regressed a little in his ability to put himself to sleep. As soon as his nasal congestion and discomfort was gone, we re-introduced his sleep training, and he’s done great with it.
  • Gideon is taking 2 naps a day consistently. He takes one morning nap two hours after he wakes up, and then another in the mid-afternoon. This week, each nap has been anywhere from 1-2 hours long. I love this schedule, because it gives me the necessary breaks in my day to relax or get something done.
  • He wants to be involved in every thing we do, and it’s something we really encourage. We want him to be excited about learning and observing what we do. Which means we need to start to being cautious about what we model for him. Caution with the wood burning stove is a great example. Gideon loves to “help” Daniel build a fire, but Daniel is great about showing him and telling him to be safe.

Communication and Motor

Gracias abuelos por los pantalones! Son muy cómodos!

Gracias abuelos por los pantalones! Son muy cómodos!

  • For the longest time we thought Gideon was predominantly right-handed. He mostly self-feeds with his left hand, though, so we’ll see what comes of it.
  • He’s crawling. Fast. He can crawl on all fours, but prefers to do a sit-crawl. I’ll try to get some video of it soon. It’s adorable.
  • He pulls himself up and can stand really well.
  • Gideon can crouch down and grab something from the floor, and stand back up again
  • He can sit down from the standing position without flopping down. Very controlled and methodical. He’s so smart!
  • He can walk with an assistive device. The other day he was pushing a plastic tub around the living room, and didn’t even realize he was walking!
  • I’m so grateful that Gideon like to cuddle. He wraps his arms around our shoulders, and even lays his head down sometimes. When he sees Daniel after work, he is so loving and touches Daniel’s face and talks to him.
  • I love it when I’m standing in the kitchen and I feel his little hands on my legs, to pull up.
  • Gideon is really learning about tone of voice and loudness as ways to communicate things. He will sit and play, all the while babbling to himself and playing with the intonation of his voice.
  • He can produce all of the frontal consonants (plosives, bilabials, lingua-dentals, and alveolars), and he’s starting to put them together in different CVCV combinations.
  • It will be interesting to see, what with learning baby sign and being a boy, whether he’ll be an early talker or not. Either way, I think baby sign is going to be a great tool for him until he has the desire to communicate with words.
  • The signs he has down are: “more” or “más”, “leche” or “milk”, and “all done” or “no más”
  • We are working hard on the sign for diaper, cat, eat, and drink. He watches us intently when we do it, and I have a feeling one of these days he is just going to explode with a bunch of new signs.

I’m sure there are things I’m leaving out, but I was really slacking on getting his 10 month update written.

I love my little boy!

What was your little one doing at 10 months?



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