My Little Giant

Gideon gave me a run for my money last night. He was coughing so much that it finally woke him up at around 10:30, and he didn’t fall asleep again until 11:30. He only woke up one more time at 1:30 for the usual diaper change and a bottle, but that extra hour of struggling to figure out what the little guy wanted really wore me out. Plus, I had really odd dreams all night that kept waking me up. Plus, Gideon woke up an hour and a half early which really wore me out. I turned on a short video for Gideon to watch, and I caught some more shut eye. Caught red handed!morning cuddles

Gideon is becoming obsessive about the dishwasher. He hears me open it, and he comes crawling/racing to help me unload it. His favorite thing is pulling silverware out and dropping them on the floor. I have learned to just sit by Gideon and let him “help me” and catch falling silverware before I put it away in the drawer. He sees me take everything out, and wants to do the same. I’m not about to discourage a helper in the making. I’ll welcome the help emptying the dishwasher one of these days!

Today at lunch, after downing a whole banana, Gideon started whining like he does when he’s had enough of sitting and eating. I asked him “are you all done?”, and for the first time he waved his little right hand saying “Yes, I’m all done.” Usually when I ask Gideon if he’s done he’ll smile and say “ah-dah”,and then sign “more” because that’s what he knows to say when he wants something, and at the end of the meal he wants to be all done. I gave him lots of praise and kisses, and he carried over the skill to dinner. I’m so proud!

I took Gideon in for his 9 month checkup today, and got the hoped-for clean bill of health. Despite the fact that he is just now getting over a cold. I was so afraid to hear things like “fluid in the ears” or “congestion in the lungs”. Phew! Gideon is officially exactly half as tall as I am. I am 5′ even, and my 9 month old son is 2.5 feet tall. My little giant is in the 93% for height. Little Giant indeed. For the first time he had to get blood drawn for anemia and to test for led. He was not happy, and neither was I. I’m so glad he doesn’t have to get pricked again for another 3 months at least.

Tonight we hosted our first life group for the year, and it went really well. I’m stoked for our new weeknight time, and our group is pretty great. The group of people at our house tonight had already been in small groups with us before, so we were able to skip all the first-time formalities and jump right into some good discussion and personal prayer requests. I’m looking forward to “taking back our sabbath” like Daniel’s parents say. I look forward to having a day of reflection, rejuvenation, rest, and lots of impromptu lunches with family and friends we don’t get to see outside of Sunday mornings. Having a day to relax and regroup will be beneficial, especially for Daniel who works really hard to provide for our little family.

My evening goal tonight was to take down all Christmas decor and store it in its assigned bin, but why do today what I can do tomorrow? Truth be told, I’m just putting it off because I don’t want to give up the cozy effect the Christmas tree has on our living space.

Project Simplify 365: Daniel’s cousin gave us an adorable tote from Thirty-One that I plan to keep in the car with the rest of our reusable bags. In effort to replace and purge at the same time, I got rid of 2 reusable bags (an old promotional “Morning Glory” bag I got for free in Cleveland a few years ago and an ugly black bag that says “Bearcats” on it), and replaced it with one cute bag. Goodbye Morning Glory

Purging feels good!



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