Gideon’s first January 1st

The best things about 2013:

1. Gideon

2. Getting to see my parents twice in one year

3. The birth of my newest nephew

4. Getting to be a stay-at-home mom for Gideon

5. Watching Daniel become a greater dad every day

6. Gideon’s major firsts: first vacation to Birch Lake, first meal, first roll, first successful swing at a dangly toy on his play mat, first tummy time, first belly laugh, first real smile, first sit unassisted, first army crawl, first real crawl, first time to stand, first time to “dance” unprompted, first food, first finger foods, first time to bring finger foods to his mouth, first successful drink from a sippy cup, first “more” sign, first word (we believe it to be “Ah-buh” for “Abby”), first mini tantrum, first full tantrum, first night he was able to put himself to sleep … So many firsts.

7. Seeing Gideon grow and come into his own! My first blog after Gideon’s birth was on May 10.

8. Making healthy food for my boys and  gaining confidence in my cooking and baking skills.

9. Learning two things that keep me going these days: the importance of finding a balance in all the things that matter most, and how necessary it is to make joy and flexibility – not control and stress – the focal point of my time.

10. Seeing for myself that – while parenting is hard work – the more effort and time we put into guiding these little people and shaping their hearts to be courageous, kind and loving, the more we find ourselves helplessly in love with them.

What are your top 10 for 2013? Care to share?

We wrapped up 2013 on a fun note with dear friends and family. On December 31st we went to a morning brunch hosted by some sweet friends from our birth class, and after getting home I rushed right back out the door to work for a few hours. Friends invited us to a small celebration at their home last night, and we had such a great time. Gideon was a little angel, and fell right to sleep at his usual bedtime in the pack n’ play. We ate lots of cheese and chocolate fondue, and I drank lots of peach hot cider. So appropriate for the blustery weather we’ve had. After watching the ball drop and going around telling each other our 2013 favorites, we said goodbye and loaded Gideon in the car. Not before sneaking some adorable pictures of him sleeping.

Gideon on New Year's eve

He once again did great, and was perfectly peaceful while he got his diaper changed and a bottle when we got home. He slept in until 8 A.M. which gave Daniel and I some much needed extra sleep.

When Gideon woke up, I took him downstairs and we played and had breakfast while Daniel sleep in a little longer. I then took a shower, got ready, and was out the door. Daniel’s mother and I went to see the matinee showing of “Saving Mr. Banks”. After taking her home, I returned to see my boys. Daniel went straight back to bed, and Gideon and I had a relaxed afternoon at home. Gideon was especially clingy today and would not let me out of his sight. I would usually put him in the Ergo and go about my day, but my back was bothering me so I decided not to push it.

After Daniel woke up we had a quick dinner, and then it was time for Gideon and I to wind down for the night. Here are some pictures I took of him while I cleaned up the kitchen. Good thing it was bath night, right? He’s a mess! 

Gideon helps make dinner Gideon picks potatoes

I usually let him play to his heart’s content at bath time because he just loves being in the water, but he was especially squeamish in the tub and it was making me nervous. Gideon’s getting a little more daring and fearless in the water. So bath time was cut shorter than usual. But I made it up to him with an especially long lotion massage afterwards which he loves. When I was giving Gideon his night time bottle I sang the ‘Harding version’ of “Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross” . While I was singing, Gideon put his little fingers up to my mouth and just gently touched and patted them. It melts my heart when he does that. I think he’s telling me that he likes for me to sing to him. Whatever he does it for, it’s a great way to wrap up this first day of 2014.

I look forward to what 2014 has in store!



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