Mommy Talk: Meeting your baby

My brother’s wife who I love dearly is overdue with her first baby. She and my brother are expecting a little boy any moment now. Her pregnancy has gone smoothly and my nephew has grown without any complications. I’m so grateful that God has been with her and the baby. I know God is more excited than anyone for my nephew and his parents to meet.

I’ve been obsessively keeping my phone on me. I jump to check it every time it buzzes. The whole family is anxiously awaiting that blessed message that tells us Elijah is here. I’ve been texting back and forth with my sister-in-law tonight and I expressed to her how I cannot wait for her to see her baby for the first time. I told her that the baby will recognize her immediately and scream for her.

All of this waiting for a new family member to arrive has got me reminiscing on Gideon’s birth. I too was overdue. I thought he would never come. With each passing day I grew more uncomfortable and felt something was wrong. My instincts served us well, and after a complicated labor resulting in an emergency cesarean section, Gideon arrived. One of the things I am most grateful for in life is having a recording of Gideon’s first scream. He let everyone know that he was not happy about being abruptly removed from his warm home, and wanted to be put back where he came from. Gideon was confused and scared when he was born, and I wish I could have gathered him up in my arms. I had no feeling from my neck down and only saw him for a few seconds before they whisked him away to help him breath better.

Last night I stayed up late sitting on my couch looking at pictures and video footage of Gideon’s first 2 months.

Gideon at 1 week.

Gideon at 1 week/first day home.

I gave him a few more kisses than usual when he woke up for his midnight feeding last night.

I learned through personal experience that, no matter under what circumstances you meet your new baby – whether following a natural birth, medicated, cesarean, or even adoption – God gives mothers and babies a gift that no one or nothing can take away. Not medication, augmentation, stress, or fear. At one point or another, a baby and its mother will fall more deeply in love with each other than anyone outside of that experience can understand. If you are a mother you know exactly what I mean. If you are an expectant mother, a rush of love is coming your way like you’ve never felt in your life and I’m excited for you.

Here’s to babies born, being born, and to be born!



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