Gideon’s First Thanksgiving!

Gideon woke up after a rough night of teething and light sleep with a big smile and eager to chat. Bless his little heart, he was in a good mood the morning of his first Thanksgiving. He is such an example and encouragement to me. Gideon does not hold grudges, and he shows love even when he might be under-rested and uncomfortable. Even when he is not in the best mood and does things to express his discontent, all Gideon really wants is for his feelings to be validated and understood. Far be it from me to put down his feelings. More often than not, when he is unhappy about something, calm is more quickly restored when I let him know that I understand how he feels and why. Gideon might not yet understand exactly what I’m saying; but he is learning very quickly to interpret my face and tone of voice. I can’t start empathizing with him too soon. It is frustrating when things don’t happen the way you wish they did.

I am grateful for my sweet, smart, active, expressive, tenderhearted, vocal little boy.

God is the cornerstone of our family and Daniel is the beam that keeps the roof from caving in. My family does not work without him. One moment Daniel might drive me up a wall, but the next countless moments Daniel still puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close in the middle of the night. He would rather be home with us than out doing something else. He could spend hours and hours in his wood workshop, but instead you’ll find him zooming through the house with his baby on his shoulders. Daniel walks in the room, and Gideon and I light up because we know the fun that’s coming our way. I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll never get to the bottom of the reason why Daniel picked me. But much like any love we receive that is God-centered, all I can do is be grateful and spend my life showing him that.

I’m grateful for my loving, strong, intelligent, ingenious, talented, attractive, humble, judicious, thoughtful husband.

I am grateful for so many other things (my parents, my brother, my family by law, my friends, etcetera, etcetera), but I wanted to especially remember how I felt this first Thanksgiving as a part of a family of three.

In Gideon news, I walked in to him standing in his crib TWICE today after nap time.

First time Gideon stood in his crib by himself!

First time Gideon stood in his crib by himself!

Just a few pictures my brother-in-law captured of us this evening:

poor baby.

poor baby.

Gideon's First Thanksgiving 2

Gideon: “I’m thankful for abuelos that get me nice sweaters.”

what?? I'm wearing bolivian alpaca??

what?? I’m wearing bolivian alpaca??

My sister-in-law and I put together a Thanksgiving feast, so I spent the day cooking and prepping some delicious dishes for the family. Everyone in Daniel’s immediate family was at my home, and we had fun like we usually do. I feel terrible that in all the madness I forgot to Skype my parents, but we will make up for it tomorrow. Gideon and I spent an hour and a half talking with them yesterday and that was great. We had lunch together, sang songs and played.

I am thankful for Skype!



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