5 Things That Make Me Happy

There are a lot of things that make me happy in my daily life. Here are 5 of them.

1. I love picking Gideon up from his crib after he’s been sleeping. His face and body are toasty warm, he shoots me big smiles through his pacifier, and he always welcomes of a few minutes of snuggling. Plus he’s just adorable in his PJs.

Gideon in the morning

Gideon in the morning

2. I love to see Daniel and Gideon have fun. I make Gideon laugh a lot, but I never see him have more of a blast then when he’s with his daddy. Gideon adores Daniel.

Gideon is flying!

Gideon is flying!

3. Gideon and his cousins. It couldn’t get better than seeing my nieces, nephew and son playing in the fall leaves together.

Gideon and Co.

4. Taking care of business. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to raise Gideon at home and take care of managing my household. Two of the things that bring me joy in being a housewife is seeing a basket full of stuffed clean diapers, and Abby catching some rays while I fold laundry in the afternoon when the sun hits just right.

Taking care of business

5. Ending the day with a clean kitchen. Yesterday evening was a little out-of-the-norm for us. We got a late start running some last-minute Thanksgiving errands, and by the end of the night my kitchen looked like I’d never  cooked in one before. Making dinner was especially chaotic last night; but it was delicious and well worth the mess.

The Before Picture

The Before Picture

The After Picture

The After Picture

What are five things that make you happy about daily life? 



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