Gideon signs “more”, and make way for REAL whey!

Yesterday was such a great day. First of all, I decided to join Gideon for his morning nap, and we slept together for an hour and a half. It was bliss. I never regret taking naps with my baby. There is nothing better than waking up to him touching my face, or to his smiles. When Daniel got home from court, he played with Gideon while I got ready for the day. It was at that moment that Gideon decided to use his first sign!

I was literally jumping around with joy. I couldn’t help myself, I was am a proud mama. What surprises me most is that we generally teach him to sign for “more” when he’s eating. We rarely think to do it during play. But Gideon is so smart that he got the concept, and related it to something other than eating. Just more proof that our children become great despite us!

We got ready, packed things up and went to Lunken Airport for lunch and for Gideon to see some airplanes. We took our nephew there when he was Gideon’s age, and it seemed like a good tradition to follow. We had a delicious lunch overlooking the airfield, and then took a stroll around the area. Unfortunately, we only got some video of our time at Lunken.

But when we dropped Gideon’s grandma off at her house, we took the liberty of having yet another fall photo shoot of the little guy.

Gideon in the Fall

Gideon has some crazy hair!

Gideon has some crazy hair!

Gideon in the Fall Gideon in the Fall

Gideon and Mimi

Gideon and Mimi

On another completely different topic, I have begun making Gideon’s formula myself. If you are interested in the how and why, let me know and I’ll write a blog post about it. But as part of the recipe, I’m supposed to collect real whey. I used to think that whey was that expensive powder stuff that guys bought in college to build muscle. My mother-in-law who makes her own yogurt, taught me that real whey is the protein-rich liquid that separates from the solid part of milk and yogurt. In the quest to pull away from processed and denatured foods, I decided to make my own whey. It’s been great and really useful! Here’s how you do it:

All you'll need is whole fat plain yogurt, a bowl, a strainer, and a tea towel.

All you’ll need is whole fat plain yogurt***, a bowl, a strainer, and a tea towel.

1. Place about 1/2 of a container’s worth of yogurt in the tea towel, tie all the ends together and let the whey strain from the yogurt, through the strainer and into the bowl. Refrigerating is optional, and might even slow down the process.

Making Whey

2. To speed up the process and put more pressure on the yogurt to produce whey, you can hang the cloth containing the yogurt from a cabinet door knob and let the whey drip into the bowl for a few hours.

Making Whey

3. When you think the solids of the yogurt are dry:

– refrigerate the whey, which can last you up to 6 months

– use the whey in recipes, in your breakfast smoothies/shakes, or in your homemade baby formula

– open the tea towel to a pile of fresh, raw, delicious cream cheese! It smells so great! (I didn’t take a picture, my apologies)

– you can put the cream cheese in a food processor with strawberries and a bit of maple syrup and slather it on a bagel, or make it in a recipe like cheesecake.

All I’m saying is: why buy [overpriced] powdered whey from GNC, plus yogurt, plus your Philadelphia cream cheese, when all you could buy is one item and yield all three by-products? It makes financial sense if nothing else. Plus it’s just easy.

*** As a newbie, I just purchased my favorite brand of yogurt. Well, I was utterly disappointed with how little whey it yielded. After doing some more research I learned that you should use yogurt that does NOT contain pectin, which is a binding, thickening agent added to the yogurt to prevent separation. Here is a picture of yogurt I found that is pectin-free, and behind it a jar of whey!

Tip: Look for a whole fat plain yogurt that does NOT  contain pectin.

Tip: Look for a whole fat plain yogurt that does NOT contain pectin.

Pectin? No whey!

No pectin? Lots of whey!

Do you have any delicious recipes that call for whey or cream cheese?



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