Gideon’s First: Halloween

This Halloween was windy, cold and rainy. I thought Trick-or-Treat would be put off until tomorrow night. But 5 o’clock rolled around, and my church family had decided that they wouldn’t let the storm get in the way of welcoming children in costumes, and giving them lots of candy. I loved seeing the happy neighborhood kids come in with their costumes, and loved seeing my church family interact so lovingly with them like they do every year. I was really touched by the parent/child love I was ¬†witnessing as well.

It would have been so easy for these parents to look out the window and tell their kids “no trick-or-treating this year”. Instead, the church building lobby was full of children whose parents realize how special Trick-or-Treat is, and that a little water never hurt anyone. When I arrived with Daniel and Gideon, a father was rushing out of the building with a pumpkin seat on each arm, and quickly putting the babies in the car before they got wet. I made sure to let him know how great a dad he was for making Halloween memorable for his kids.

I don’t know where you stand on the topic of Halloween. Whatever your stance, I respect it. But I just wanted to document how special this Halloween was for me – not just because it’s Gideon’s first Halloween, but because I was reminded that if I pay attention, I can find love everywhere.

My heart goes out to all the children who don’t have parents who care about them. I know there are kids who put something together by themselves, and went trick or treating alone. I pray God put nice people in their path to make them feel special.

Poor Gideon spent his first Halloween coughing, sneezing, and wiping his runny nose. I don’t let Gideon watch more than an hour of T.V. in a day total. But today was different. It was rainy and cold, and watching T.V. is one of the only good things about being sick, right?

Gideon cuddling, eating, and watching his shows.
Gideon making the best of being sick.

He ran a little temp this afternoon (100.4), but by late afternoon Gideon was his usual ball-of-energy self. We put him in his costume and got on Skype so my parents could see him. Then we put Gideon in the car and let him nap while we ate our take-out and visited for a while. We get our precious time to talk and catch up where we can. There were no decorated trunks for Trunk-or-Treat this year, but I didn’t hear any complaints. Everyone had a blast.

Gideon and all his friends. We have a cowgirl, Yoshi, a unicorn, and even Harry Potter was there!
Gideon and all his friends. We have a cowgirl, Yoshi, an owl, a unicorn, a chicken, and even Harry Potter was there. We are so honored.
Gideon, Mimi, and Baba
Gideon and Kim
Gideon loves miss Kim.
Gideon the Puppy
I searched high and low for costumes. I kept coming back to the puppy outfit. He is, after all, “my puppy”.

What did you and your family do for Halloween?



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