Gideon is 6 Months Old!

This weekend was full of excitement for little Gideon. On Saturday afternoon, Gideon and I attended a lovely outdoor wedding in Bethel. It was relatively warm, and Gideon began to get a little fussy. My mother-in-law proposed I remove his very summery outfit and show off his cloth diaper adorableness. So Gideon got to be naked at his first wedding. Gideon’s grandpa got him to sleep eventually and great aunt Karen caught the moment with her iPhone. Thanks Karen!

Gideon catching some z's in the middle of the reception area.

Gideon catching some z’s in the middle of the outdoor reception area.

so. sweet.

so. sweet.

And today, we hosted my mother-in-law’s 60th Birthday Bash at our home. Daniel and his brother coordinated to have a chef come to our house to cook a delicious meal straight from Spain. Paella! It was delicious, and we really enjoyed getting to watch and learn. My late grandmother used to make a scrumptious seafood paella growing up, and although today’s had chicken, it still took me back.

After a delicious meal, we spent time visiting and playing with all the little cousins who make life so much fun and entertaining.

These kids are cuh-razy! Cuh-razy fun!

These kids are cuh-razy! Cuh-razy fun!

Asher and Eden

Bustin’ a move to the rhythm of Gideon’s exersaucer jungle jingles.

My favorite little boys playing Hungry Hippos.

My favorite little boys playing Hungry Hippos.

Asher and Gideon

Asher teaches Gideon how to play, and Gideon listens intently.

The 4 V. Cuzins! Adorbs!Gideon’s 6 Month Update!

I cannot believe that Gideon has been with us for exactly half a year! I don’t know how we ever got along without him. The idea of life without Gideon is so bleak and dull to me. His life has touched Daniel and I in ways we couldn’t fathom before he arrived. I have learned so much these past 6 months, and I can’t wait to continue learning as Gideon changes and develops into a wonderful little boy. 

Gideon’s growth is such a bittersweet topic for me. One side of me is already questioning whether public or home school is what our family needs, and the other is constantly trying to log every single moment with him in my memory. I don’t want to forget one thing about my time with him. When I’m laying on the couch feeding him, and he puts his hand up to my face, I want to make sure and remember what that feels like. When he falls asleep with his face squished against my chest, I want to remember how precious those little cheeks looked and felt. When Gideon gets excited and kicks his little feet, I want to remember just how adorable and kissable and squeezable they seem to me. A lot of the time I find myself just touching his little hands, his head, his feet, his legs. Just like the blind remember a face by touch, I want the way he feels and smells and sounds to be locked in tight.

I want to go on and on, but I wouldn’t do that to you. Getting to the point:

Feeding and Nutrition:

  • Gideon is still taking his bottle. Anywhere from 6-7 oz at a time every 3 hours on the dot. He’s our little feeding alarm clock. We are still giving him pro bugs with his morning feeding.
  • Gideon is able to bottle feed himself 90% of the time. The other 10% he’s just lazy and wants to be fed, which is fine with me. I want to hang on to his baby days too!
  • Gideon broke in his high chair this week! He loves eating with us!
  • We have introduced the sippy cup a few times much like we have finger foods. I’ll place the sippy cup on his high chair tray with some water in it. He’s starting to figure out how it works, and knows where to put his mouth. He’s not interested enough in it yet to follow through and retrieve any liquids though. Maybe this next week!
  • He was not a fan of being fed with a spoon, so this week we’ve introduced finger foods, and he has had a blast. Total success. He loved eating banana, and sweet potatoes strips. Although most of it ended up on his lap or behind his ear, he really enjoyed the texture and flavor. He might just skip puree entirely.
  • The plan is to continue to feed him finger foods, and I’m going to feed him whatever vegetable we are having.
  • Still needs that non-nutritious sucking and wants his pacifier to sleep. He is better about finding it himself at night. Hallelujah!
  • His two lower incisors are making their debut. They are starting to cut through his gums!
  • Speaking of cutting teeth, we finally received Gideon’s amber teething necklace which I will write an entry about soon. It really does seem to be helping him. He is not as fussy as he was, and he’s not grabbing his cheeks or ears at all.

Gross and Fine Motor:

  • He is much more able to pick up smaller objects (sweet potato fries, pacifier)
  • He is now able to manipulate his pacifier and place it in his own mouth without help.
  • Gideon will drop his pacifier if he wants attention or is mad, but if he really wants it, he won’t let it fall.
  • Gideon is a jumping baby! Loves to jump in his doorway jumper.
  • He’s started sitting for a little longer on his own. Has yet to master reaching for something without toppling over. He’ll get it.
  • Mode of self-transportation: rolling. The boy can roll clear around the house with no problem.
  • He’s starting to stretch and propel himself forward if he can’t reach a toy he wants. But he’s nowhere near crawling yet.

Language and Speech:

  • Still all vowels, no real consonants yet. Although when he’s mad he can make some muffled consonant-like sounds.
  • He observes me intently when I model CVC combinations for him (“mama”, “dada”) but hasn’t started imitating yet. He’s taking it all in, and I have a feeling one of these days out of the blue he’ll say “maa”, and I’m going to freak out.
  • I’m not quite sure Gideon knows his name yet. He responds consistently to us, but he answers to anything “puppy”, “Gideon”, “Gigi”, etc. I think more than knowing his name, I think Gideon is learning intonation. He’s getting the concept of  anticipation and buildup like when we play “I’m going to get you”.
  • He’s also learning the meaning of  facial expressions. I feel I can have little communication exchanges with him. We are starting to interpret each others gestures, and express things to each other. For example when he gets a pouty face and I look at him with a “oh! don’t pout baby! don’t be sad!” face, he might choose to burst into tears or dig his face in my shoulder to let me know he needs comforting, or he’ll shoot me a great big smile like “It’s ok mommy”.
  • I’ve started introducing some simple signs to him the last week or two. The main ones I model for him are “leche/milk”, or “all done”.  Excited to see if that takes off!


  • One of the latest things I’ve taken to doing is giving Gideon choices. I LOVE seeing him make decisions!! I’ll show him one toy in one hand, and as soon as he starts to reach for it, I’ll show him another one in my other hand. It fascinates me how Gideon stops, turns to look at the second toy, back at the first toy, and picks which one he wants.


  • Like an angel. Some nights he has a hard time really getting onto that deep sleep, but those nights are few and far between.
  • We have adopted our own personalized version of the “fuss it out” Ferber method, and it really works great for us. Gideon rarely fusses now, and if he does he usually keeps it under 15 minutes.
  • Teething has kind of thrown a wrench in the sleep training area. We are fine with it, though. We kind of go with the flow with everything involving Gideon. If he’s having a rough night with a lot of discomfort we don’t hesitate in comforting him and giving him what he needs to feel better.

I’m sure there are a ton of things I’m leaving out, but I’m pooped from this busy [fun] weekend, and I need to get to sleep! Here’s a video of a few moments I captured this past week.


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