Time for September Goals!

August flew by, and now it’s …

I’m excited to see what this new month will be bring. So here I am with my September goals:


1. Take better care of myself. It’s not uncommon for me to pull the car out of the garage knowing I have every single item Gideon could ever need but … my wallet is still on the desk. Painting my nails once in a while, going to bed by 11, doing exercise at least 4 times a week, flossing. All of these things are no-brainers and I’ve known all along that I feel wonderful when I do them. Especially now that I’m a mama, I need to be in tip top shape to take care of my boys!

2. Read more. Fiction and non. I don’t know why I gravitate towards social media more when I have all these great books that I want to read during my quiet alone time. Stack of books on my night stand or Kindle – not Safari. Got it.

3. Be a forward thinker. Plan ahead. In as much as possible (things come up in life), have one day a week for errands to get everything I’ll need for that week period. No more of this running to Target the night before the baby shower. It’s a waste of gas and time.


1. Spend more time outside. Let’s face it, when it’s 90 degrees and 90% humidity, the idea of going out and frolicking in the back yard does not always sound pleasant. Well, it’s now September and temperatures are bound to drop. No more excuses. It’s time to get out there and play as a family. And our evening walks don’t count.

2. Have people over more often. I’m talking, like once every one or two weeks would be a step in the right direction for us. The transition into being a family of 3 has made us a little more uneasy about having guests. It’s something we need to work through because Gideon came into the family Daniel and I built together and we love having people over.


I am so pumped about all the ideas I have to simplify our lives, and make life more practical. This goal list is cinch.

1. Complete Gideon’s Binder

2. Make my C.H.O. (Chief Home Officer. Great book.) binder

3. Establish a flexible-but-guideline-like routine for our day. Gideon is getting to that age when I think he would benefit from a nap schedule, and I really want to start a weekly home maintenance routine to keep things running smoothly.

I can tend to be scatterbrained and can easily take hours doing a simple task. But making these goals, writing them, and sticking them in my brain really helps me stay focus. And I’m always motivated to better myself as a person. Welcome September!

Do you have monthly goals you set for yourself? What are your September goals?


2 thoughts on “Time for September Goals!

  1. Elina, These seem more like my yearly goals! You’re on the right track to put them in writing. Have th where you see them often. I make a list of goals each week, but if I don’t see them often I don’t follow through. I ‘ll be interested to see how September works out! Love , Lanita

    Lanita Boyd 859-441-4999 Lanitaboyd.com/musings Sent from my iPhone

    • Haha! You might be right Lanita! I guess I’ll learn if I need to simplify my goals by the beginning of October. We shall see! One thing is for sure, YOUR September is going to be fascinating. We’ll miss you but we’re so excited to hear about your travels when you get back. Love you!


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