Daily Blog Trial / Night 6 / Gideon and Eating Solids

“Gideon the Great” is kind of a pet name we use occasionally. It’s so appropriate because he really is great. He does everything big. When he rolls over, he does it again and again. When he eats, he leaves no milk to waste. When he talks, he makes sure to test just how loud he can be. When he sleeps at night, he does it like a log for 10 to 12 hours ( I know, I know. That could change at any minute. I’m still going to enjoy it while it lasts). When he is hungry, he makes sure you are aware. When he grows, he GROWS.

The last time we had him measured was at 4 months. At that point, he measured 24 inches I believe, which is almost half of my height. If he keeps growing at this rate, he’ll be as tall as his mama when he’s 9 months old. He is now 5 months and 2 weeks (approximately), and everyone at church this morning commented on how big he is getting.

The exciting thing in terms of Gideon’s development right now is the upcoming intro to solids. He’s already tasted some things (celery, carrots, grapes), and he’s even picked up a slice of avocado and put it up to his mouth. However, anything that is placed on his tongue other than milk triggers the upchuck reflex. I’ve tried pureeing avocado and giving it to him via spoon, but he turns his face away. And I know better than to force the issue.

While I don’t want to delay his experiences and deprive him of things he is interested in, I have no intention of speeding him along. He is starting to watch us eat, and tries to grab our utensils from us if he can. But he is quite obviously not ready to accept any textures just yet.

Like I said, when I offered Gideon a spoon with food on it, he was immediately resistant. I completely understand. If I didn’t know anything different, I wouldn’t want people putting things up to my face that feel and taste weird either. All of these attempts at introducing Gideon to foods other than his milk has really caused me to do some research. Surprise, surprise. I knew there had to be another way of making Gideon’s first experiences with food positive for him. I found out about something called Baby Led Weaning. It makes so much sense! As soon as a baby is born, God made him to instinctively move and search for the breast when he’s ready to eat. When a baby is ready, he will discover his toes, his tongue, his voice. Why wouldn’t the same thing go for food?

My plan (ha!) is to do a bit of everything. For now, it seems that what works best for Gideon is to place something edible in his reach and let him discover it for himself, when he wants to. Once he is more comfortable with textures and visibly desires to try what Daniel or I is eating, I will gladly puree some of our food for him to try. I am determined to make this as enjoyable for him as possible.

I seem to obsess about every new major development in Gideon’s life, and nutrition is the obsession of the moment. After doing a lot of research I have ordered the following products online:

GoFresh Baby Reusable Food Pouches

{GoFresh Reusable Food Pouches}

Green Sprouts Baby Food Mill and FreshFoods Mash and Serve Bowl

{Green Sprouts Baby Food Mill}

{FreshFoods Mash and Serve Bowl by Annabel Karmel}

Green Sprouts Food MillIMG_0441

As you can determine by the things I’ve bought, I’m not going to spend extra money on expensive baby food processors, pricey food pouches, or baby food. I own a blender and heavy duty food processor, and just don’t see the point in spending money on one more appliance that I’ll get only a few months use out of. I’m so excited to use these products! My mother-in-law was the one who told me about food mills, and I love that they are as energy efficient as a baby food maker can get. Same goes for the Mash and Serve Bowl. I came across this while doing my research. Annabel Karmel is a nutritionist from the UK who focuses entirely on gourmet baby food, and baby weaning. I love how portable the bowl is. All I have to do is stick in the diaper bag, mash up a little bit of whatever I’m having and he can eat it straight from the bowl.

I have not used any of these products yet, so in the next few months I will review them all in depth.

How and when did you introduce your babe to solids?

Here is a video of Daniel and Gideon catching up when daddy got home from work.


6 thoughts on “Daily Blog Trial / Night 6 / Gideon and Eating Solids

    • It’s no blender or food processor, but it did the job! It does not puree things completely (like apple sauce), but it mashes food really well. It was good for when Gideon could tolerate texture in his food and little chunks. Does that help?

  1. Current eating issues aside, we did BLW with Ryan and loved it. I did a basic allergy panel starting around 7-8 months and after we decided what foods he did well with, he got cut fruit and veggies along with a sample of whatever we were having at each meal. He was eating curry and burrito bowls at 11 months.

    With Mason, I’ll be doing the same- except waiting a little longer to introduce foods. And then leading with more nutrient dense/caloric foods and using fruit as candy. A little more paleo if you will.

    • Oh! I didn’t think about allergy panels for Gideon! That might be a good idea. Asher’s peanut allergy really gave us a scare a few years ago, and I’d like to avoid that with Gideon if possible.

  2. We love baby led weaning! We introduced our first to solids at 7 months and our second at 10 months. They both did fantastic with baby led weaning and have never had a puree. They actually neither one like mashed potato es even. They never choked, gagged maybe a few times and are all around fantastic eaters. Our firstborn sometimes asks for salad for his snack! 🙂


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