Daily Blog Trial / Night 5 / Zoo Pictures

Don’t have much energy left after this fun-filled weekend with my dear girls. I saw them leave today after having lunch at one of our favorite food joints {Senate}. I can’t begin to express how special it is to me that they took time away from their lives and came all the way up to Cincinnati to see me and meet Gideon. These are girls I’m going to be close with when I’m old and gray. I love them so much, and cannot wait to see them again in December! I love you Lindsay and Andrea!

Gideon and the Girls

My boy and my girls.

Since I’m busy preparing things for church tomorrow, and have zero energy this time of night, I’m going to just post some pictures of our visit together. Most specifically, these are all pictures of our trip to the Zoo on Friday.

Feeding the Giraffes

feeding the giraffes! Gideon thought they were so cool.

Girls at the Zoo

One of my favorite things about Gideon’s age right now is how he is starting to show physical affection. He’ll wrap his arms around my neck, and give me big wet kisses all the time. I’m loving it, and don’t care about the slobber one bit.

Girls at the Zoo

LOVE these girls.

Gideon sees Manatees

Gideon also loved the manatees.

Have a good night and I’ll be blogging again tomorrow!



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