Daily Blog Trial / Night 4 / Bad Timing

I timed this daily blog trial really badly. I timed it on the weekend that some of my best friends are in town, and it’s been especially difficult to take my focus away from them to blog. Clearly, my priorities are a little different than on the average day. While it’s not so hard to put blogging before filling the dishwasher, putting blogging before quality time with friends that I rarely get to spend face time with is a different story.

But … late tonight we decided to introduce the Twilight movie series to my friend Andrea. I have not kept count of the times I’ve watched this movie, but I feel I know it well enough to blog and not miss a thing.

So I here I am proving to myself that blogging does not have to be a 3 hour activity.

Today was a fantastic day. We ate banana pancakes with bacon for breakfast, had a relaxing morning talking, playing with Gideon. Then we spent the day at the Zoo. We were able to walk the zoo at our own pace, and see all of the animals we wanted to see. We even got to take our usual silly pictures that are just part of what we do when we are together. We ate crock pot carnitas for dinner, sang songs together to put Gideon to sleep, and now here we are in my dark living room watching Twilight and eating homemade chocolate raspberry that Daniel made for us while we were gone.

What a great day. I will post a few pictures of our adventures tomorrow evening.

What do you and your long time friends enjoy doing together?



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