Daily Blog Trial / Night 3 / Banana Blog

I was going to write an elaborate informative entry tonight, probably about harnessing our water resources at home or something dorky like that. But instead, I’m going to keep this one very short and very sweet.

Two of my dear friends from college arrived this evening to see me, and of course to meet Gideon. We have already enjoyed hours of talking and laughing and catching up, and I look forward to a fun-filled weekend. But I’m committed to this daily blog thing, so here I am blogging.

I’ve decided today’s blog is going to be a “Did you know?” blog entry. You have my friend Lindsay to thank for this one.


Do you have warts, insect bites, scuffed leather, nicotine withdrawal, or are feeling down in the dumps? Get yourself a banana. If you want to learn about all the neat benefits of a simple banana, go here.

That’s it for tonight, folks! To your health!



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