Bedtime Routine: Special Edition

Rutina Nocturna: Edición Especial

Every chance I get, I try to call my parents on Skype. I want my mom, dad, and Gideon to feel as little distance between them as possible. It pains us all that Abuelo and Abuela can’t hold and touch Gideon, but I try to keep them involved in his daily life. Whether they are watching him play, catching up and having conversations, or just taking a peak at him sleeping in his crib, I want Gideon and his grandparents to know each other well.

Gideon loves seeing his Abuelo (grandpa) and Abuela (grandma) on the computer screen. He pays more attention to their faces and their voices than he does to even his favorite Baby Einstein episode. I believe he is beginning to recognize their voices as familiar and loving.

Last night my mom and dad not only had front seats to Gideon’s bedtime routine, but they were active participants. The climax of Gideon’s evening was when his Abuelo said the goodnight prayer, and his Abuela sang him his favorite lullaby. I expected Gideon to be a little confused and fussy with the change, but I was pleasantly surprised when his usual relaxed and sleepy mood was entirely intact despite the new voices. Gideon did not mind the change to his routine one bit. In fact, he seemed to welcome it.

I’m so glad Gideon is learning to be flexible and tolerate change in his life. We have trained him to sleep despite the normal household sounds ( television, creaking floors, dish washing, etc.), and I’m happy to know that he welcomes other people to be a part of his daily routine as well.

I know last night’s bedtime was a special moment for my parents, but I think it was even more special for me. I got to sit back and watch this special moment between my parents and my baby boy. Having his abuelos with him at bedtime may not have made a tremendous impact on Gideon. Yet. Before Gideon was born, I made him a first year calendar on that Daniel hung up in the nursery. As often as I can remember, I write a little something about what made each specific day special. Years from now when Gideon finds a dusty box that says “Gideon’s Keepsakes”, he’ll flip through his first calendar and see that on August 11th of 2013 when he was 5 months and 4 days old, his Bolivia-residing grandparents were able to interact and show him love that knows no distance or time. That is the moment I cannot wait for Gideon to have.

Gideon with his abuelos on Sunday morning when he was a week and 2 days old.
Gideon with his abuelos on Sunday morning when he was a week and 2 days old.

If your child has grandparents who don’t live nearby, what are some things that you do to keep their relationship going?



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