How about them July Goals?

So we are now well into the month of August, and I finally have time to sit and write on my blog. We took a family vacation to the family lake house in Michigan and returned home on Thursday evening. We had a fantastic time, and it was wonderful to experience a lot of firsts with Gideon. He is officially a Birch Lake baby, and absolutely loved the water. It would appear he is going to be a great swimmer like his dad. I was able to swim across the cove and back a few times which is a huge accomplishment for me. There was no internet connection at the lake, so I wasn’t able to update on my progress with those July goals I set for myself. Let’s see how I did.

July Goals


  1. Organize master bathroom – COMPLETE
  2. Organize upstairs linen closet – COMPLETE
  3. Organize/decorate Gideon’s bathroom
  4. Make a binder for Gideon’s paperwork/information
  5. Try my hand at flourless baking – COMPLETE


  1. Pray for someone new every day – COMPLETE
  2. Go to bed at a decent time
  3. Be intentional about contacting people who are on my heart/mind

I met 50% of my goals. Gideon’s bathroom had to take a back seat to Vacation Bible School and prepping for our vacation. Gideon’s binder is in the works. I have a pile of everything that will go in this binder, but have yet to compile it all into something cohesive and practical. As far as inward goals #2 and 3 go, I do not like these goals. For one thing, they are too broad. What is decent? Secondly, they are way too abstract and gray area-ish. There is always room for improvement, especially for goals like #3 and so, can this goal ever really be met? Should I ever feel like I’ve met this goal, and so I don’t have to work at it anymore? Being intentional about contacting people is and should be more of an ongoing thing rather than something to check off of a list.

I have some [better] ideas of goals for the month of August, but they need to be polished and thought through before I make them official. And … it’s almost 1 AM.

Sleepy time! I’ll be back soon!




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