Great Buys and Rolls

Gideon and I spent half of our day out and about finding some great deals on toys and baby clothes. Gideon is 4 months old, weighs almost 15.5 pounds, and has almost outgrown his 3-6 month clothes. The boy has me playing catch up on a daily basis.

Great Buys


I bought all of the items in the picture including several Melissa and Doug toys for a steal. The large 2×3 foot floor puzzle was only $3.50. I thought it must be missing pieces to be that cheap, but it had never been put together before! All of this plus a few storage containers that were already in use upstairs, and a stuffed bag of clothes [not depicted because they were being washed] cost me a little under $50. I was so excited, I had to share that with you.

Later, I was upstairs with Gideon hanging out in his room. While I put laundry away, he played on the floor. It’s always so hard to focus on the task at hand when he’s laying there being scrumptious.

He is so scrumptious!
Isn’t he scrumptious?

You know your baby has moved into the early mobile stages when you turn around and he is clear across the room.

Slow down boy!
Over here mommy! Gotcha!

The little stinker was sneaky and stealth. He didn’t make a peep and all I was able to document of his 3-4 rolls in the time it took me to put away a few onesies was his radiant smile. He was so proud of himself.

If you are a mom, when did your baby start rolling over with the intention of going places? Are there any milestones that you were unable to document?





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